Mixed use property fire alarm panel location

1 Reply | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to the code section 907:

F-907.6 Fire alarm zoning indicating panels. A fire alarm zoning indicating panel shall be located at a visible location at the main entrance of buildings with fire alarm systems, or at a location approved by the fire department.

I'm curious where the fire alarm panel should be located in a mixed use property in Philadelphia (store front with a unit at the back and another unit upstairs). All units have separate entrance so there is no common area or central entrance to the building. 

I understand that you must have the location approved by the fire department. I just want to see if anyone has this type of the building and where the panel located. 


Depending on which NFPA 72 code your town has adopted, which can change every few years. From experience the main panel can be in a separate room but you'll need digital remote annunciators display at each entrance. Good luck