New LEAD Ordinance in Philly

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Hi all. 

If you thought landlords have enough on their plate with all the city requirements, check this new ordinance that will come in effect starting in October 2020. 

Philadelphia City Council passed a new lead bill which amends the current law regarding lead in rental properties in Philadelphia and is effective October 1, 2020.

In my opinion one of the major changes that now it requires lead certifications on all lease renewals as well as new leases. No matter if there is a kid 6 years and younger or not. You will have to do the certification for every single tenant. The prior law only applied to new leases and not renewals and only if there is a child of 6 years and younger. Plus they stiffen the penalty that can be up to $2000 and 90 day imprisonment per each residential unit.

    @Yuriy Skripnichenko

    I'd be interested in hearing how landlords in other cities (who own many properties) have dealt with mandatory lead inspections AFTER they already had their portfolio built. Seems like it could easily sink a business.

    @CJ M. - the Philadelphia requirement is just “lead safe”, not “lead free” - a big difference. Lead safe is just a matter of using paint to encapsulate any existing old lead based paints - most landlords have painting done so the testing part is the only new thing. 

    @Steve Babiak

    I just watched the video....It looks like a great gig....I especially like the test tube belt :)  I wonder how hard it is to become an "EPA certified Lead Technician" .  It sounds like there's lots of money to be made once the law becomes effective!

    @Pat Hamilton - lead testing in Philadelphia is already required to be done when any child six or younger is in the rental; new law removes the age limit so all rentals from 1978 or older must be tested to be lead safe. So testers are already busy making money.

    Here in Vermont we have to self-certify online every year.  We have to profess that we wiped out window wells on wood windows, repaired any interior damaged paint <1 sf, provided a lead education booklet to tenants, etc.

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    Hi all, 

    Just a reminder to all landlords out there. New lead ordinance will be in effect October 1st, 2020. 

    Here is the link where you can find more details:



     Since it is zip code based and targeting the sections of the city that are considered to be worse for lead based paint, you might not have to do anything within the next two weeks or so. Or you might have to move quickly ;)

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    Is this something that property managers take care of?  What's a fair price?  

    Depends on your property manager and the property size. Fair price can be anywhere from $170 to $300. If you want to do lead free cert then the price would be around $600. Feel free to DM if you have any questions.