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Hey guys! I'm somewhat new to Bigger Pockets. I'm a newer investor and a real estate agent. I'd like to gear my real estate business towards helping people build long term wealth through real estate. I was wondering if anyone had a worksheet that could be used to sit down with clients and help them map out a plan to grow a real estate portfolio and retirement plan. I don't have specifics as to what would be on this worksheet, just looking for some ideas so I could potentially create my own. Thanks in advance!

I don't have one for you. But I made something similar to that in excel. Took me maybe 15 minutes. Excel worked slick because as I Input numbers my results change real time vs pen and paper. Now I know for my goals I need 10 houses with $400/month cash flow to reach that goal. It doesn't have to be fancy, just something simple that shows cash flow after rents, expenses, etc. It might help to include ROI. Once you get this setup you will be able to change the numbers as needed for each client. If you really want to get fancy you could turn it into a bar graph showing appreciation, cashflow, etc over time.

That's helpful Brent Paul. I'm visualizing something that starts with determining how much the client would like to make monthly from real estate in retirement then backing that number out to determine how many houses they'd have to accumulate by their retirement date. Thanks!

This could be really simple if that is all you want.

A1 = Desired monthly income.

A2 = Assumed monthly income per property.

A3 = A1 / A2

Is that all you want?  I don't think you will impress anyone with that.  You probably need to get more into how much your client needs to save to buy the first property, then the second, etc over time.  Go over the expected costs, reserves and projected revenues to get to the A2 value.  A2 is a workbook for me per property.

Be careful you don't tread into the space of being a financial advisor.  That role has some strict regulations that could make you liable if someone follows your plan and it doesn't work out the way you projected.  You might want to rethink providing your clients detailed models and materials for retirement if those materials could end up in a courtroom some day.

“There’s an app for that.”

Create a free account on https://RealEstateFinancialPla... and immerse yourself for hours in a world of rental property retirement planning. The blog has numerous tutorials, and you can copy the examples from the blog posts into your own account to play with them.

The software was developed by a friend of mine that also happens to be a Realtor that focuses almost exclusively on working with investors. He created it as a client services tool, but it’s open to anybody.

@Alex Camaerei I use two things with my clients (I 100% focus on investors buying rentals)

1) A very simple, high level overview of what they need - back of the napkin math

2) The software that @Jassen Bowman mentioned. It does some very advanced modeling. You'll blow the socks off of your clients!

@Alex Camaerei I'd love to pick your brain about working with investors as I'm thinking about saving over the next 12-18 months and then ditching my 9-5 to become an investor agent. Mind if I PM you?

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