Recommendations for gas testing/inspection?

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Hey fellow Memphis folks.  We need to get the gas system tested on a rental we just bought.  Utilities were off for over a year...  Dealing with codes is such a pain.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Hope everyone has a great BBQ fest weekend!!

Hi @Elizabeth Wilson !

I just went through this exact same thing closing on a HUD home. I don't live in the Memphis area but it may be a similar process.

Same situation, utilities were off for over a year so we had to have a plumber perform an air test. We had to get a permit through the town to perform the test. Then it took the plumber over 4 hours to cap off all of the pipes and complete the test. Then the town had to come and inspect the gauge to ensure it holds pressure and THEN the utility company came out and did their own inspection. 

The utility company originally told us the process would take 4-6 weeks but we got it done in a little over 2. 

It was a crazy back and forth and cost a lot of money. Just the plumber was over $1,000. 

I wrote all about this in detail in a blog on I'll DM you the link since i can't post it here. 

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Thanks, @Lauren C.  

Yeah, we are on week 2 already.  And I didn't learn we needed a gas inspection until today. 

What a pain in the ...

What other things will be needed to be tested by the code enforcement after a property has been out of service for over a year?

Ouch!  Luckily I havent had to deal with this yet and not looking forward to it. 

@Elizabeth Wilson

ooff that's rough. I'd say do all the leg work yourself and stay on top of it. Once the plumber was finished, I called the town and was on their back about doing their inspection. Once the town checked it out, I was on the phone with the utility company making sure they we're going to come out. If you don't push them, they will take their damn time. 

@James Little

We also had to have the electric tested. Same process. First the town had to check, then the utility company, and then the town again. And of course I had to pull a permit. ($)

I'll send you the link as well, James. 

@Lauren C. - Sadly, I don't know how many hours I've wasted this week dealing with this.  Between waiting on the inspection and waiting to turn on utilities in my business, I'm done buying houses where the utilities have been off for a year.  Or least better deals then these. 

(When the inspector finally called me back today, he told me "plain forgot" to submit it to MLGW...)

@Elizabeth Wilson ,

@Dan Butler is an awesome partner!  I've got my TN CPA license and Real Estate Broker licenses in AR, MS, and TN and he has his TN Real Estate, Plumbing, and Mechanical licenses and is working on his Electrical license right now.  Who knew we'd be 43 years old and still studying and taking tests!

@James Little - best of luck with those!  If you have a questions, message me and I'll try to help!

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