Another Flip Rehab Mentoring and Site visit Opportunity...

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Howdy folks,

I know many of you expressed interest last time on  getting exposure to the real deal. We have 2 flip projects going on right now. I am opening up this opportunity for one of our project for few investors to come and visit to get first hand experience about the Flip project. 

Place: Stafford, TX

Date & Time: Saturday 3/3/2018  3:30 - 4:30 PM

Limited to 10 participants only. 

First come first, you need to ping me with your email to send the waiver form and address information.  We need the waiver form signed and sent back to reserve the spot.  Only serious participants please. 

Vijai, I am interested in upcoming FLIP rehab site visit.

How was the visit? Did you as an investor learn something? I wasn’t able to go so would love to know what you guys learnt. Thanks.

It was another excellent FLIP site visit. Thanks to @Vijaianand Thirunageswaram  for arranging this and share his wisdom. Here are the few highlights:

  1. FLIP House need extensive repair ( new roof, floor, foundation issues, exterior pool removal, concrete driveway, appliances etc ( roughly 40k-50k rehab). The house was in middle of rehab when we visited.
  2. Uncover unknown issues (foundation issues): During purchase from wholesaler, it was disclosed that house has foundation issues and previous owner has repair it with life time warranty. However, during rehab process, after pulling carpet, it was realized  that foundation was not done correct. This has led to unexpected increased in rehab cost. Lesson learn: If time allows before purchase, get the foundation checked and keep unexpected cost budget in rehab.
  3. Learned about cost structure for different part of rehab ( roof, foundation repir, pool repair or removal etc).
  4. Focused on layout of house, what to replace vs repair etc.

Overall great exposure. Can't wait to see final product.

Aww man! I wish I could have been there. Next time I'd like to be part of your live flip. Thanks for sharing your flip project! When is the next meet-up? :) 

Thanks again.

I can't thank Vijal enough for the opportunity to learn the rehab process from the beginning to the end. On this project, he went over the roof to the foundation problems and even details like when to re-use kitchen cabinets. He also went over the importance of having different contractors for different projects around the house and what to ask. The event was full of knowledge from begging to end, I have learned a great deal from this site visit thank you.

I hate that I missed this one. Would love to catch the next one

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