Looking for advice on selling our 3/2 rental in San Antonio

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Hi Folks,

I live in Seattle and my partners and I have a 3/2 1,250 sq. ft. townhome in San Antonio located in the Wurzbach Meadow Townhouse Subdivision, built in 2011 with a tenant paying $1100/month rent. With the market heated we are considering selling the unit. I would appreciate it if anyone with knowledge of San Antonio could let me know if this would be a good time to sell. How much inventory is there in the area and how long is average DOM for a townhome like this?




To answer your question specifically regarding the area your property is located in, over the past 6 months there have been 3 sales and 1 listing that was canceled (going back 12 months only adds 1 additional expired listing). The sales are all 3/2 town homes and the average price is $131,916. DOM are 15, 17, and 73. Heading into the holidays things typically slow down, but due to low inventory the market is still moving. I am happy to help if you have any more questions.

- Gates

If you get on Realtor.com you can see what is for sale or for rent. From a quick check there seems to be about 8 properties for rent in the area from 1150 to 1300. 

This may be the time to sell since things are hopping. The fed is going to move up rates slightly in December, and you know how people get when things change even a little. Everybody runs scared.


Did you list your home yet? I am an investor, would like to take a look if you have a link available. 



Hi @Mitchell King , please contact me via PM and I will send you the address and details so that I'm not considered soliciting here on the discussion board, thanks. 


we have been putting up houses for sale here and getting offers within a week.  Also my realtor friends say january is good in SA.  

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