Good Neighborhoods in San Antonio

8 Replies | San Antonio, Texas

I am a long distance investor, looking at the San Antonio area.  If anyone has any info on the better neighborhoods or neighborhoods to avoid I would be extremely grateful.  Also any extra advice regarding investing in San Antonio would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Search the forums, there is a really solid post about neighborhoods in San Antonio from John Barr.  Also go follow and subscribe to pryme homes mailing list. John Barr and @Jonatan Barbera put out a lot of quality content for free, including monthly market updates and breakdowns of their projects (both good and bad). 

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@Dyelan Fonville I think it would help to know what strategy you like?  Flipping? Rentals? Air Bnb?  And then it will be a lot of opinions.  We have rentals all over town and have found great tenants everywhere.  We don't buy super low price points or super high.  Just good blue collar neighborhoods.  Let me know how I can help.  

Best of luck.

Dylan, I'm also out of state (Sacramento). I'm looking for suggests on good commercial brokers in the area. Plan to fly out there to talk to people. Have one possible (54#) but preference is something in the 30-40# range