Norfolk Real Estate Investor Meetup Thursday 2/1

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Hey Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads area investors - I'm under contract on a 40 unit in Portsmouth, VA and am coming down this week for a property inspection and meetings with my team.

While I'm in the area, I'd love to meet up with local investors of all types to build my local network. Would anyone be interested in a meetup this Thursday evening, perhaps at the Blue Moon Taphouse? I'm open to other suggestions and ideas. It would be awesome to have a great cross section of all types of investors to network with and talk real estate!

@Melanie McDaniel @Lisa Doud @Chris L. @Christopher Lightner @Clarissa Butler

@Justin Fraser I'd be down for a happy hour meetup because I am meeting my crypto peeps that night at 9:00 pm at a brewery in Town Center. *Pro networker here* Ha! My phone number and email are in my profile, give me a call. If you are in town over the weekend, my monthly meetup is Saturday at 10:00 at Coaster Coffee in Ocean View.

Great! I'll send you a text and we can set it up.


@Justin Fraser absolutely! I'll probably be free a little after 5. Whenever works for you all, I'll try my best to make it by.

Congratulations Justin. Unfortunately out of town for work until April. Keep crushing it.


Justin, congrats on 40 unit building. I invest exclusively in Portsmouth. My partner and I have a total of 77 units here. Anywhere from SFR to 16 unit building. I would love to hear more about this 40-unit deal. I have lived here my entire life. If I can be any help to you give me a shout. I would be up for meeting Thursday evening. Let me know details.


Congrats @Justin Fraser I'm definitely interested in a meet-up. Let me know a time and I will do my best to get there.


Justin, how are you getting down there? 

For any real estate investors in the Hampton Roads area, lets meet up to talk about real estate! It doesn't matter if you are new or experienced, we can all learn from each other. Let's grab a drink and make new connections who can help our real estate businesses grow!

 @Melanie McDaniel @Christopher Lightner @Charles Williams @Larry Pendleton we will be meeting on Thursday Feb 1at 7pm at the Yard House in the VA Beach Town Center.

If you know of any other investors in the area, feel free to send along an invitation- the more the merrier. 

An hour and a half for me, anyone leaving or live in the Williamsburg area?

Might start a small satellite one here and can coordinate meetups between those groups ever month or so

Congratulations @Justin Fraser ! I knew you would do it when we met up last time! I am sadly going to miss Thursday night's meet up, but hoping to make the Saturday coffee meet up finally.

congrats @Justin Fraser.  I will be in that area later today.  I hope to be able to stop by also

@Shawn Bowen I'm not selling it, I'm buying. We are working towards closing now.

Ok I’d be interested in talking with about buying some via wholesale? Please pm me and let’s discuss. Thx

@Justin Fraser please let me know the next time you're down here. I'm starting off with SFR; however, I would love to meet up and talk about MFR, especially 40 units or more, that's an impressive feat.

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