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First post so here goes!  I've spent a good amount of time reading through posts here on BP and I'm truly amazed at the levels of wisdom and knowledge that everyone is willing to share. 

I have been flipping homes on and off since 2005 in the Portland, OR and surrounding markets.  I really picked up the pace this past year and now I'd like to pursue long term hold strategies.  I can find deals that cash flow in Portland, typically the homes that I rehab, but I'd like to continue to rehab homes to create the income to purchase hold properties.  I've researched turn-key properties out of state, I've pondered Multi-family in Oregon, and I've considered Commercial properties as well. 

I know this is a stupid question, however I think I've analyzed myself to death and can't decide where to pursue properties that can return me a 12-15% return.  What insight can more knowledgeable investors provide?  How can I make my dollar stretch further to maximize my leverage?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to BP, Jeff

Look into the numerous blogs and podcasts on here as there's a topic for everything re: real estate investing. Happy hunting. See you around...


Although personally we self-manage very well out of state. If my husband wasn't active duty navy, and local being relative. We would buy only locally. We buy short sales because we get equity AND we buy in areas of appreciation so our rents keep up with inflations and costs. Honestly you need to figure out what is important to you and go from there.

@Jeff Wallenius   if you can cash flow the same kind of properties as you flip, and they are in decent neighborhoods then that is an ideal situation. That allows you to get cash flow, and also to create forced appreciation. That appreciation will allow you to cash out the money you have invested at some percentage that keeps you solidly positive, while having all or most of the money you invested available to continue purchasing. Just keep the financing low enough to provide a solid base in case things go sour.

Elizabeth Colegrove  where are you currently investing out of state?  How do you find and analyze properties in the areas your buying?

Thank you @Walt Payne, whats the market like in Florida these days?

Jeff I buy class a properties that I can self manage. We follow the Southwest Airlines principle. We currently buy in charleston. I wrote up a great article on my website about what we look for.

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