Just moved to Bozeman, MT!

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Hello, Just made the move from Vail, Colorado to Bozeman, Montana! Can't wait to get settled in and dig into the local real estate market. I will certainly be on the look out for any deals that pencil.

Best, Brian

Welcome to Bozeman Brian! I'm sure you will fit right in coming from Vail.  I am always interested in grabbing a coffee and talking RE, let me know once your settled and we can set up a time to get a beverage.


Hey Brian,
Welcome to Bozeman!! It’s an absolutely amazing place to live.
I currently go to school at MSU and would love to grab coffee with you and chat once I get back in August.


Thanks @Gage Halverson! We are certainly enjoying it so far!

A coffee sounds great! Feel free to reach out once you've returned to the area and we'll find a time to meet up. Safe travels!