Local Meet Up in Spokane Washington

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Howdy folks, is this still being organized or did it fall apart? I'd love to meet more investors in our area. And as said above, the local REI Club is wrapped up in selling education. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's not what I'm interested in.

Looking to hook up with other members from Bigger Pockets in the Spokane area. Are you still holding meeting on the third Weds. of each months at 1826 E Sprague Ave?


Posted 9/29/16 

There is the Coeur d'Alene REI club that meets the 1st Thursday of every month. As a full-time investor, I find I get value from it consistently, and will be sorry to have to miss it this coming week.

1450 Northwest Blvd, STE 107
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

1st Thursday of every month, 6:30pm

Check it out!

As far as I know, this meeting only happened once or twice, not sure what happened but I never got a reply when I asked 7 months ago. There is a group out in the valley that seems to be an ok group but also brings in speakers to promote a mentor program. Haven't been to the Cda one yet, would love to go but I work at 1am so couldn't really make it yet. Aaron miley was talking about getting one going at one point also, but haven't heard if it started or not. I would love to see one get started and meet up with some local BP members. 

Yes! I am still working on getting a meeting together. I was hoping to have one setup sooner but I've been busy with deals and a full time job.

I'm going to follow up with a couple locations and go from there. We may meet up first at a restaurant.

Hello all BP members in Spokane. I attended the first one and it was great. Although it came to a stop for some reason I tried to contact original hosts and I don't think they are active on BP as much. It was nice to have a meet up that didn't evolve a push for education or mentor ship. Just local people talking about real estate. I am ready for another one. If nothing comes of it in a couple weeks and there is still one not scheduled I can work the time to get a meet location and a time. 

-Brody Jett

Anyone interested in a simple low profile happy hour next week?

NO program or agenda… Just people interested in Real Estate meeting to mix, mingle and make connections.

I'm thinking the Iron Goat on Tuesday November 8th at 5:30 pm.

It is located at1302 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201


Post on Here or just show up. They have big tables and lots of room.


Hello all,
 I would love to go to a meet up. been a while since the last one. bummer though the one day a week I work 14hrs is Tuesday. Please let me know when The next one will be. Thanks 

Brody Jett

@Mark Fredrick I am certainly up for a local happy hour meet. Iwill plan on Tuesday, but if it has to move to another date I am fine with that as well, just keep me posted. 

@Aaron Miley I totally understand, but being busy with deals is a good thing!!! Hopefully you can get something together soon.

I would also be interested in attending a Spokane meeting. If anyone is planning something, please post it here. Looking forward to meeting some other local folks in the real estate community!

Aaron Miley is putting a meetup together,  Thursday the 26th at 6pm, I would tag him and you so you could look him up, but the android app doesn't work for that. If you search for him though, or look a few posts back I am sure you can find it.