Hello World from Tacoma!

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Hi BP.  Just wanted to start this forum off with an obligatory Hello World post.  

I am a Seattle-based investor/broker and have been spending quite a bit of time in Pierce County.  

Wanted to say hi and connect with you all!

Adrian welcome!  I am an investor based in Tacoma.  I would love to hear more about the kinds of deals you have been finding.  Please do Reach out any time!

Steve Wynne

@Adrian Chu - Good to see you as active as always on BP.

@Steve Wynne - Tacoma market is an interesting one, I would be interested in what areas you prefer to invest in there: SFR? Small-multi? Commercial? Land? I'm looking to jump into that market fairly soon with a small multi and would be interested in hearing your take on the "hot" areas.

I have actually ventured outside of pierce county to start with a short sale out of mason county.  I found it challenging to uncover any cash flowing property in the greater Tacoma area (outside of multi-family).  As a result I looked south to find fixer homes that could offer capital appreciation along with some cash flow upon renting.  I am still interested in multi-family when I have built enough capital up for larger down payments or found those willing to partner on a good deal.

I have a few properties in Seattle's Eastside.  It is getting expensive!  My partner and I are beginning to look in Pierce and Thurston counties (although she just sent me a couple of properties still on the Eastside).  There are some interesting multi-families in the Tacoma area and I believe that the area is going to continue appreciate in value and rent.

@John Fredenburg - I definitely know what you mean about the Eastside. Just took a quick peek on the MLS, there is dang near NOTHING in terms of multifamilies near Bellevue, and the minimum home price looks to be in the $500K range.

Definitely the place for folks with more capital on their hands than I do.

Hey pierce county BP guys!! My names Landon I'm thinking about investing in the downtown puyallup area, it's my hometown market so I know my area a little better, but I hope in time I'll be able to create a credible rapport and start partnering with some of the bigger multi family in my area. 

welcome Landon!  I wish you well as you invest in a very attractive market.  Puyallup is a great town!

Originally posted by @Adrian Chu :

Hi BP.  Just wanted to start this forum off with an obligatory Hello World post.  

I am a Seattle-based investor/broker and have been spending quite a bit of time in Pierce County.  

Wanted to say hi and connect with you all!

 Hi Adrian, and to all fellow tacoma investors! I love it out there and I hope you are all enjoying the uncomfortable hot summer !!! Yes I am in Michigan but I spend couple weeks out of the year to break out of the Midwest. Majority of my wife and my family are there in the Puyallup/Sumner/Bonney Lake area. Would love to break into the market in the near future in a small apartment venture. Until than, I am completely ok with cash flow opportunities that are out my way. Best of luck to you all.

@Adrian Chu welcome! I used to spend a whole lot of time in Bellevue, WA at the Microsoft offices during my advertising days. 

hi @Mike Carino!  Yes uncomfortable heat here for sure but sure beats the clouds and rain.  I wish you well in MI and for your future WA apartment ventures!

I am curious as to how many wholesalers are working the greater Tacoma area?  What are the opportunities looking like these days?

Local Networking!  It's great!  Hopefully smaller forums like this will help us all cut through the chaff and get to know the Greater Seattle Area, and each other better!  Thanks for the kick-off party @Adrian Chu

Hello Tacoma/Seattle BP'ers!

I posted an intro on the WA forum, but wanted to post a reply here as well. We're PCS'ing in from Germany to JBLM next month. Looking to get my family in to a duplex, tri or quad. The prices are a little higher than what I was seeing in North Carolina, but still definitely doable. 

Looking forward to meeting up with you guys once we get out there -- All the best!

Excited for this sub forum! On the hunt for some MFH and SFH to buy and hold. Would love to connect up with any local area investors to bounce ideas and discuss the future of this fine city!

@Adrian Chu - thanks for kicking off this forum! Love Tacoma :) I've done most of my flips there, most recently on Hilltop.. my most profitable to date!

@Steve Wynne , I own a rental in Mason county and have another under contract that I may want to assign if you're interested.

Great to have this forum!! Can't wait to learn from all of you and help where I can.

@Ruth Bayang - If you are an active flipper in Tacoma, I would definitely like to try talking to you about some of the higher-end flips you've done. Colleague request sent!

Hi @Alex Chin , I'm a newbie too :) Not sure how much insight I can give you except on the flips I've already done. I haven't done anything "high end" yet. My flips have definitely been targeted toward the first time home buyer, young family starting out crowd... under $250K. Happy to share my personal experience though. Colleague request already accepted.

Hi all, I'm a newbie and just recently joined this site. I moved to the Eastside about 1.5 yrs ago after having lived in the Bay Area for about 20 yrs. I'm interested in buy and hold multi-family units (4-20 units) in Tacoma and other areas in Pierce County (I grew up in Puyallup). I'm interested in connecting with other investors/professionals interested in this area. Thanks for reading this!

@Un Chu R. - welcome to the BP community, and good luck on your investing journey. I would definitely stick around, read all the stuff that you can under the "Learn" tab at the top and start figuring out what questions you need answered to really get started.

@Troy Fisher and a few of his compatriots run a BP meet-up in the Lakewoods area, that would be a good chance to meet local investors and build connections in an informal setting.

Shhhhhh @Alex Chin , we are an exclusive group of investors!  Hahaha.  Yeah our meetup this week was fantastic, unfortunately South End and Seattle won't be occurring in August, but come the end of Summer we will be killing it with three meetups every month!  So many networking opportunities, and deals to get done!

Thanks, @Alex Chin ! I plan to attend one of Troy's meetups. I'm doing a 1031 exchange this fall and need a good broker who understands multi-units. Anyone, have any recs?

Thank you @Adrian Chu for starting this string and happy to connect with you all.

My fiancé and I moved to Lakewood this past year from Seattle and are excited to find cash flow opportunities in the greater Tacoma area (single family or multi family units that have some upside potential because of location or the property itself has Value-add potential). 

We would love to connect with other local investors to share resources, tips, tools, etc. great to hear about the local meet ups. I sent a colleague request to you @Troy Fisher for more info.

Curious if folks are working with a realtor that really gets the investment world in the local area? We know several (we also run a home staging company that services the local area and seattle, website forthcoming) but none with a particular specialty in investing.

Hi Everyone, first, thanks @Adrian Chu for starting this.

Second, @Ruth Bayang  @Un Chu R. @Jordan Gregory @Kerry Smith @Landon Dolezal @Taylor Lopez

I am one of @Troy Fisher compatriots and host the Southend Meetup group of local BP members. After working through some scheduling conflicts, I'm happy to say that we will be having our Meetup the last Monday of every month in Lakewood starting with Aug 31st.

Here is a link to the forum post, please head over there for more info and let us know if you are coming out. Hope to see you there.


That's awesome @Kevin Carbon !

I will definitely try and make it. We arrive at SEATAC on the 24th of August. Cannot wait to meet some of you!

Hey @Kerry Smith ,

That's great to hear. I look forward to meeting you as well. It looks like its going to be a great meetup!

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