All the active BP members, raise your hand!

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I'm fairly new to BP and curious how many local members are actually active on the site. I'm new to the area and would love to meet new folks in town.  If you don't mind, please introduce yourself and let me and everyone else  know what your are currently looking for. Whether it's a specific type of property, real estate professional, tradesmen, good sandwich shop, etc. Thanks!

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Hello Kent. I'm considering the Vancouver area for a move next year (escaping Silicon Valley). If we decide on Vancouver, I'd look for an SFH or small multifamily with RV space. Good springboard for more deals later on.

I've spoken with a couple locals here on BP, and even met with one (local agent, good guy) when we visited a few months ago. I'll tag him if he doesn't respond himself.

Hey Kent,

BP is what inspired me to get involved with real estate in 2015. Always looking to meet more like-minded people around here. I’m currently cutting my teeth as an agent! I’d love to meet up anytime.

I’m looking to build more relationships with wholesalers and investors. I’d like to buy another home in the next 2 years and rent my current residence.


Hey @Chris Williams ! What might bring you to Vancouver! Do you have family in the area? Who was the agent you met with? I love meeting fellow BP members. I'll keep an eye out for a property with the RV space!

Hello @Tyler Boni ! Yep BP is pretty awesome. I'd love to meet up as well and see how we can help each other out! 

@Kent Nielson A friend who used to live there recommended it to me, a while back. We visited a few months ago and found it a pleasant area. If the job situation works out for me, it would do nicely.

We met with @James Dishongh , who kindly took a day & showed us around. We saw some very nice properties. James did a great job hunting up properties that suited our needs.

I'm fairly new to BP and already like this site. I live in Camas, WA and like to invest in real estate. (house flipping, vacation rentals etc.) 

Hello everyone.  

I live in Washougal.   If any of you want to partner on a build on the Washington coast, Ocean Shores, wa.  I have the lot free and clear.  plans approved and lot is cleared.   If you are interested, lets talk about how we can structure it and make it happen.    I have a person interested in purchasing the lot, but i would rather build.  

the project is a 864 sq ft cabin.  cost to build, if done by us/me would be about 100k.  if builder does it, around 135kish.  should sell for 180-190k.   budget and bids are in place for owner builder.  don't have bids from builders.  everyone is busy in Ocean shores.    

Hi @Kent Nielson !

I'm living in the Portland, OR area as a real estate agent/electrician. But I invest out of state in Tennessee. 

Currently looking for more folks who do syndication deals and are willing to let me ask questions and learn as much as I can before I do my own deals. RE Attorneys would be great as well. And always in need of a GREAT accountant who is taking on more clients.

Glad you made this post! I also host real estate meetups in Portland and Beaverton. PM and I'd love to send you the meetup page so we can meet in person. I'm hosting one tonight actually!

Hello @Vitaliy Kovalenko ! Welcome to BP! I'm looking to meet everyone I can, so hopefully we can meet up! Is there anything you are looking for in particular? Contractor, home in a certain area, agent, etc?

Hey @Vic Liang

I'll keep an eye out for you. Do you make it to Vancouver much?

Hey Kent!

I’m new to BP and real estate investing but not to the Vancouver area! 

I’d love to meet up sometime with all of you that are in the Vancouver / Clark county area.

Hey Rion! Welcome to BP and investing! Where abouts do you live? I'm always looking to meet up with other BP folks. Hopefully there will be a meetup put together soon :(

I'm in the north county area, kinda out in the sticks a bit and looking at a property even further out........ but I work for an electrical contractor (Tradesmen Electric) based out of Battle Ground and the project I am working on for the summer is in Portland so I am through Vancouver regularly. Wednesday evenings should work great for me to make a meetup, perhaps we do it over pizza at one of the local joints - Schmizza in Salmon Creek comes to mind.

I like the meet up idea. I live in the hazel dale area and would participate in a meet up. Wednesday's are the only day that do not work for me but I would be interested in any other day.

Also, any recommendations for a real estate attorney in Vancouver? 

@Kent Nielson I’m new to the bigger pockets forums. I’ve been living in the area since 2004 and I love it. I’m currently just starting to get into real estate investment and I’m just reading and learning as much as I can before I get my feet wet

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