Any investors in Racine / Kenosha?

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Hey John, i have several lending relationships in your local area that i'd think you'd be very pleased with. 

+ William is there anything specific you'd like to ask or know about this market? I'll add both of you as contacts and if you'd like to further discuss you can send me a private note/message :) Hope everybody's having a great week!

Hey William,

My family and I own condos in Milwaukee and are looking to buy a multi on the east side of the state. Have looked at some in MKE and Northern WI. Not much inventory in Racine but definitely interested in the area, especially with Foxcon.

I've made several offers in the area but nothing accepted as of yet.  Definitely an area that I'm focusing on currently due to incoming jobs and proximity to Chicago and Milwaukee.  Generally a tax break from Illinois but with somewhat lower rental rates so there's a tradeoff.  

I’m in Lake County, I have friends and family investing near the border of WI. I’m currently rehabbing 180 unit multi family in North Chicago. I’ve got a potential deal in my area of a 5 unit multi. But also interested in the WI market since it’s not too far.

Originally posted by @John Franczyk :

I'm in Racine, trying to find financing for a Kenosha fix & flip. Also looking at some potential rental properties and other F&F opportunities in southeast Wisconsin.

 We are a big flipper. Looking for help in Racine Kenosha if you know anyone. 

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