Best Property Management Company in GB area

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I am curious if anyone has a property management company in the GB area and what their experiences have been? The one I've heard of the most is Blue Frog. I'm curious as to what all the typical fees are and if it pays to let a property management company run my property vs. myself.

Hey Kyle.

Better late than never right?? Unfortunately i don't have any answers for you, but am curious to hear about what you find out. I'm also new to the game in the GB area and would like to build my knowldege of this up before scale up. There is a new GB REI Meetup tonight, March 1st at the woods golf course at 7:00. great chance to network and ask that same question.


I too struggled to find a reputable PM company until I found this one. I recently placed 4 properties (13 units) with Principal Property Services out of De Pere. I’m very happy with the transition and look forward to growing “with” them. Their site is

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@Gavin Carrigan I would like to do some real estate networking- does your group meet monthly? Any website or link I can click on to find out more? I just got an accepted offer on my 2nd property and moving forward I'd be very interested to find an investor for capital and I could always use extra help from a handy-man. I'll hold off on property management for now but that'll come in the near future.

@Wendy Schultz At this point I'm focusing more on multi-family but after I get another property or 2 I'd be definitely interested in learning more about that. Do you have any info on typical Income/Expenses for say a duplex that has both sides doing Airbnb? If I could get similar or better returns with you running my property on Airbnb I would be very interested.

@Mike Taddy I've talked with basically everyone of them and although I don't have a Property Management company yet Principal Property Services is in my top 3 based on my great talk with them. That's awesome hearing that you are going through them and feel free to leave any bits of info that you would know with working with them vs. someone like me who hasn't worked with them.


@kyleseid it depends on the property  but I have done much higher returns with short term furnished rentals. That's the properties we specialize in at this point. We have properties in Door County, Green Bay and FL. I'd be happy to have a conversation over the phone if you'd like! 

@Kyle Seidel Have you found the property management company you are going with?  I've just started using Day Property Management, and they cover most of the valley area.  Still very early with them so I don't have any good feedback yet, but I'd be curious to your experience with the one you chose.

@Wendy Schultz My wife and I have a little interest in short term rentals, but haven't researched enough information to really get started (currently doing long term rentals).  Do you have any information with more detail?  I'd be interested in specifics of Door county and the Green Bay / valley area.  What types of properties in these areas are best, do you see year round success, location, etc etc?  

Hey @Greg Neuman I haven't hired a property management company yet and it could still be awhile before I do. I wanted 1 place for real estate investors around Green Bay to go to share their experiences with whomever their property management company was. When I get 1 I will definitely be laying out here exactly how it all works. Thanks!