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Has anyone been to his seminars recently? I will be attending one this coming Wednesday in Hreenville, SC with my business partner, and I just wanted to know how reliable his information is.

He is definitely an accomplished real estate investor who can give you a lot of knowledge.

But please leave your credit cards at home. If you don't know why I am saying that read some of the stories of past seminars from other Guru's.

I'm definitely not buying anything. Why pay thousands when you have BP, the ultimate guru?

I doubt Than himself or any of his buddies from the tv show will be there.  You will most likely be fed amazing stories and then the big push to buy their coaching package which is a rip off. 

They are running Facebook ads in the Albany area right now. Interesting marketing. Agree with Eddie on the credit card thing. 

@Curt Davis  is dead on. I went to one of these a few years back.the only benefit of it is if you are real green in the game it'll help get some ideas and excitement going.the $199 three day seminar (or what ever the going rate is now) I would say is worth it for that reason and you may meet some local contacts.

I went to a 3-day seminar in the spring. I figured it was worth $199 to see what they would say.  I also know people who have bought into the coaching.

It was like 80% advertising for their mastery program and 20% useful content.  And for me, since I had already been investing, there were only a few nuggets and I cvant even remember what those were except to learn that they lost money on about 1% of their deals.

When you first start learning about investing you feel like you are entering some secret club with...well...secrets to investing. The truth is there are probably dozens if not hundreds of people doing what you want to do right in your city.  And their are no secrets. You know why?  Because we work better in packs. In fact, I've been thinking about offering to mentor people here in my area because it will likely bring me more deals. 

Find investors in your area and take them out to lunch. 

I went to one of these 3 days seminars in NYC on July 25, 26, and 27 of 2014. In all honesty if you know about the basics of why investing is a good idea for your future rather than wasting money on liabilities then you won't need to hear a lot of the lecture. However, there really were a lot of useful tips and I took pages of notes on everything including tax and legal help. While they spend A LOT of time explaining their mastery coaching program, they also show you how you can do the things they teach on your own. So if you don't like the feeling of being sold to and you are very skeptical you will probably not like the 3 day event. I still found it really helpful even though they talked about mastery a lot. 

Than, JD, and Paul will definitely not be there, but everyone who comes will be a successful mastery student. Just make the most of it. 

Some content, mostly selling you on a 3 day event, then selling you on their mastery program. Caution: I would leave your Credit Cards at home! Many are good salesman. If you decide you want to go later, i am sure they would still accept your money. I know  a guy that did the entire mastery deal. Probably would have been better for him to read a few books, join BP and use the money to buy a couple cash flowing properties. Now he has none of the money and no properties....Not saying the info is bad but make sure you are going to use it if you pay for it.

Happy Investing!

It's a 3-day "seminar" to get you excited so much so you will pay $35,000 to get the "real thing". I bet if you listen to BP podcasts for 3 straight days you will learn more than the Than Merrill seminar and BP podcast is free. So why even go to the seminar?

By the way, here's my favorite BP podcast (LOL -I am featured in it).

@Justin Finley  

You might need to go, and waste you money just so you can get the whole seminar faze out of your head completely....Theres no special trick or huge secrets anyone can tell you thats not already here on BP or youtube or google...Its 2014, this is the age of information...Than is a marketing genius, with alot of charism and confidence...I get it its easy to be drown in....These guys go from state to state sharing "the big secrets" which is always"the same secrets" which after time it menas "its no secret" with anyone willing to pay...

2 years ago, i knew nothing, had a 9-5 i hated, thought i need big bucks to invest....Fast forward to today, Investing full-time, tons and tons of knowledge and continuing to grow just from BP...I got my head into the computer and took control myself...Everything you need to know is free...

Just my opion, not intended to disrespect anyone else views....

The most interesting part of their "free" seminar when I attended a couple years ago was seeing how many times they reused the same photo in different slides in their crappy powerpoint.  I would hope that they've made enough cash from suckers to upgrade their powerpoint by now.  If you go to the free one...

-Leave the credit card, wallet, check book, etc. at home

-Don't expect to see anybody remotely close to Than's status

-Let me know if they've beefed up the powerpoint :P

Earlier this month I went to the 3 day seminar out in Long Island, NY and just as everyone previously mentioned they push very hard about how the mastery program will change your life and put you on the road to financial freedom. They say that not everyone will get a chance to join the mastery program as they are very "selective" and are looking for people who are eager to become an entrepreneur and follow the "systems" that they will put in place for you.

They are selective in the sense that they will weed out the people who do not have $20K in their bank accounts, credit cards, or retirement savings as that is the lowest tier they offer in the mastery program. They will then tell you to bring your spouse or business partner for FREE during the 3 day event because it is important they hear about the great success stories of current students who did join the mastery program. This only helps them to get in front of you and your spouse / business partner at the same time to try and get both of you to sign up for mastery.

Overall the 3 day seminar is very educational and informative but once again all of the tips and tricks that they offer can be easily found on this website, from local REI meet ups, online or in books. You just have to do the research.

The amount of money that they are making from these 3 day seminars is a faster return for them. There was about 200 people in the room when I went and I saw at least 10 people who did buy into the mastery program.

200 x $199 = $39K
10 x $20K = $200K

At the bare minimum they walked away with $240K.

@Larry T.  

I like your comment about working in a pack... I think the online stuff is good for some but not all. .I personally would not have the patience to listen to pod cast or webinars. I tried a few pod cast and got 10 minutes into them and got bored... Webinars are even worse for me personally... I think the REI meetings and interaction for a lot of people is important.

For that reason I am a believer that in this industry if your new getting a RE license can be good thing.. you actually learn about real estate and laws. Instead of posting a question on laws on line and getting 5 different opinions from who knows who.. Then you have the pack aspect as you talk about in a GOOD RE brokerage setting. I owned a RE company for 10 years not to make money B/C is certainly did not.. But to interact with agents they all knew I was an investor and guess who they ran to first.. I plucked at least a deal a month or at least every two months by just being in my office and interacting with my agents.

There is no Doubt the Guru seminar is just a manifestation of the MLM presentation many of the same trigger words... IE:   Quit your job,,,  Spend more time with family  ,, make the money you DESERVE etc etc.  I sat through 5 minutes of one of these seminars while I was waiting for an appointment just happened to be in the hotel.. And there was the speaker with a picture of his wife and him Hiking in Montana and talking about how RE will set you free  Blah blah blah.   When in Fact a full time hard working RE investor has anything but free time its a job just like any other.. with the difference is you can set your own success levels.. The harder you work the more successful in most instances.  The only people that get into RE and are truly passive  made their money somewhere else or inherited.. The rest of us that started at the bottom and worked our way up.. Worked our rear ends off to get there at least that was my experience..  But I look at it as a life styly not work so in that perspective Its been great for me. 

@Jay Hinrichs  I completely agree.

And it always  bothers me how they talk about jobs like it is the worst thing in the world.  Even the beggar on the corner is working.  And there are plenty of people who get paid VERY well--more than most investors will ever make yearly--$200K or more per year being an engineer or MBA, not to mention a doctor or whatnot.

I took a tour of the company that does Than Merrill's fulfillment, producing his printing, training material, copies CDs and DVDs, etc. 

There is no small amount of money invested banners, backdrops, graphic imagery, etc.  I was particularly impressed by the modularized containers with shipping labels set to go to all points nationally. A logistical challenge solved, again at some expense.

I'm not being critical, I just think that anyone attending these events needs to understand that the primary purpose of each event is to sell prospects on the next event. 

I do not agree with the faction that believes that people can learn everything they need on BP.  This is not true, plain and simple. However, it is very easy to spend money on the wrong training at the wrong time. The time to invest in your education via seminars is when you've reached a plateau and need specific training in a given area or expertise. That may even start with how to use your calculator.

@Rick H.  

  was the fulfillment company Utah based... I have been to a few in Utah they are big operations so a lot of fixed overhead behind the scenes of the Guru business..

if I was to take a stab... given all the media they purchase to go into a market for their deals. the money they pay the presenters and the folks that teach the 3 day event. then the big to do for the bus tour or master mentor for the following year with the fulfillment company.  I would say of course the 199... loses money big time.... the 30k I would bet 30k or more is sucked up in overhead.. But still a nice pay day for the guru.. And the fulfillment companies I visited the top guys were knocking down big bucks.. The CFO I  talked to was going to France for a year so his daughter could go to school .... Now that is living the life you Deserve !

@Rick H.  

  meant 20k is over head maybe 10k net for the guru then he has to pay his fixed over head.. but still great money  for being an Educator :)

I just attended the 3 day seminar this past Friday 15, Saturday 16, and Sunday 17 and it was just as everyone else is saying. They pushed for there program 90% of the time but there was some useful advice that came along with it. It was $197 for two of us but then after we got there they said we could bring anyone we wanted for free so I brought along my dad. They use great marketing to get you very pumped up about this business so that when they lay the $35,000 cost for their school on you, your more willing to pay it. Leave the wallets at home!

Kandes - Welcome to BP!

Be sure to post in the new member introductions forum.

Disclosure: Creator of CFFU

Account Closed Sounds like I am definitely undercharging for CFFU - $35,000 ?!?!  WOW - does Than think he invented dirt...?

I went to this two years ago. Paul was the person who did the presentation. If you have been on BP for more than a day, you already have learned more than you would at this seminar. Save your $$ and spend the 3 days on BP reading posts and listening to podcasts.

I'm going fri  in NYC will report fri night

It's worth going to the seminar to try and pickup on the free information however it's ultimately a high pressure sales scheme where you will be forced to make a choice to invest a large sum of money with a lot of unknowns. I would suggest saving your money for your first investment. All you need is a good realtor and estimating software. Here is a link to what I use and its pretty inexpensive:

I went to the 3 day seminar in Garden Grove,CA, very little info and mostly upsell.

Paul was the speaker and knew how to push his stuff pretty well, quite a few signed for the mastery program, or perhaps they were actors and made you feel like you were missing out by not doing the same thing. I was amazed they would teach you how to max out your credit cards or open a new one to get into the program.

Like many of us said, you can find a lot of studying material for free on the web and use the 35 k to get into your first deal.

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