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Has anyone talked to these guys?  Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall?

I’m always interested in ways I can plug holes in my business and farm out the things that I am not best at.  So I looked into Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall at

I ran across Joe McCall on iTunes Podcast and I listened to a number of them. Joe is doing a great job networking and getting his name know in the “coaching” industry with his products.

What really interested me in Joe is his approach on “PARTNERING” with other successful investors and growing their business while splitting profits 50/50. He does marketing (that he is good at) in my market and we split the deals I close with him. This sounded interesting to me as "direct mail system" are not my strong suit.... so I submitted some information online.

This morning I got a call from Joe’s partner Peter Vekselman wanting to talk about how we can “work together”. I shared my real estate story/history and then he shared what they are good at and doing.

1. Marketing.

2. Long Term Investments

3. Wholesaling or Flips.

The conversation was all about their success and what they are "going to do for me". (half of which I don’t need and already have in place)... but he did not bother to ask!

About 10 minutes into the conversation he went into how this “partnering” is set up…

Pay them $15k upfront and $1000 a month.

After a little more talking he said “can you see yourself participating in this?” I simply replied… “No. If I had $15k to throw at marketing and another $1000 a month, I could hire a few people, saturate my market and keep 100% of the deals”. Peter quickly said… “well it’s not for you, have a good day.”

I was totally BLOWN-AWAY… end of conversation that quick!!

So the warring I share is biased on this… do these guys really want to partner or do they just want your $15k and $1000 month? Are they willing to talk with those that don’t just roll over and pay them?

I like partners that 1. communicate and 2. challenge my way of thinking to find a better result.

I would have been open to hearing more about the “partnering” but the very second I did not agree with Peter Vekselman the conversation ended.

This makes me sad and very frustrated at the same time for the new or vulnerable investor that "roll over"!

Doesn’t sound like anyone I would ever want to partner with.

Hope my experience might help someone else looking into these guys!

I have received a few emails from them, but never really looked into it. I do enjoy Joe's podcasts, but at a price of $15K upfront and $1K per month just for them to have boots on the ground doesn't seem to profitable for me.

Disclosure: I am the guy they are talking about.

Justin - give me a call.  Let's chat.  I just sent you a PM with my cell phone number.

Tag you're it... your line was busy! 

I'm getting a lot of requests about this post so here is the follow-up after my conversation with Joe McCall. 

Disclosure: this is my opinion and nothing more!

"If you listen to Brandon and Josh and any of the experienced investors on BP... SAVE YOUR MONEY and NEVER give it to a Guru"... These guys are wanna-bee guru's but the same applies.  

If that statement is not enough for you here are my further thoughts and opinion... Joe and Peter are "still trying to figure out what they are selling you".  

Joe was VERY nice on the phone (after many rounds of phone tag as he travels the states in semi retirement).  Peter was simply a jerk.

So ask yourself:  Do you want to give $1000 month and $15k to... a jerk and a guy who is in Semi retirement.  Again "save your money", they still have not figured out what they are selling and will use your money to either 1. figure it out or 2. spend it on travel etc. 

What Joe and Peter are selling sounds good from stage (or a podcast) but it is simply a way for you as a new or newer investor to part with you hard earned money.  It has almost ZERO practical application and it is terrible difficult for them or you to track... that is why they need your $15k upfront as an "are you serious fee".  There is nothing on the backend and nothing to motivate them to stay with you as your "partner".

They make their money when they get your $15k.

Solution:  After much research and many recommendations I "partnered up" with Jerry Pucket (search his name on BP) and paid him to help me get more mail in the mail.  The phone wont stop ringing.  

Jerry makes his money helping me get mailings done and a better system and he is DANG GOOD AT IT.  He does NOT charge upfront fees...  He charges a few cents on each pieces of mail and makes his "millions" that way... j/k.  

Jerry is the type of "partner" you want.  He is successful when you are successful and you send more mail.  Thus doing more deals. 

Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall are guys trying to live the Guru dream selling you a dream... but the backend support.  You will not see it. 

Practical application will come much better from a "partner" like Jerry Pucket.


I submitted an application to Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall on their partnering program. I specifically asked in the application why they were so transparent on the $1K a month marketing but so vague on the "are you serious" fee. Now I know why thanks to your post. $15K? Are they serious!  I feel the same way you many people have they scammed out of 15K!. What sounded attractive to me was that Joe advertised this system of getting more leads into one's pipeline and the phone to ring. Peter called me this morning and I was busy so we didnt get a chance to talk. When I call him back for the "interview" I'll let you know the outcome. I get that I should never give my money to a guru but it just sounded so attractive! As much guru bashing as I've done on BP you would think I would know better. - Mike

@Michael G.   @Justin Morgan  

I am part of Joe´s and Peter´s program. My partner and I have been with them for about a month now. Before we signed any paper work we did our homework on the both of them. Justin you say Peter was a jerk, well he could have been I don't know I was not on the phone with yall, but from what I have seen and heard maybe he knew you we not going to join the team and felt it was time to get off the phone and move on. Just like you talking to a seller. Are you going to sit there and talk to a seller if you know they are not going to sell the house to you? I would think not. What do you know of the backend of their program if you never bought into their program? You say 15k is a lot which it is but how much would you pay to Jerry over the course of your business relationship? We are in the business of creative solutions to help place people in homes and help people out of the home. Did you ever ask the question to Joe or Peter, how can we make this business relationship work for the both of us?So a onetime fee of 15k, plus 1k a month for monthly marketing, coaching calls, cash buyers, JV deals, etc.

Here is my experience with their program since we joined.

- The backend support team has been great. They monitor the VA scraping to ensure they are doing their part for us to be successful, and they have done this. The support team has responded to any and all questions that we have.

-They have some good training material on the site.

- Websites, vumber numbers, podio – set up and paid for by Joe and Peter before they said they would be done with them. I am sure they use some of the upfront money to pay for this.

- Weekly coaching calls with both of them.

- When we have called Peter he has always called back the same day.Joe has a different system of setting up a time to call him. But I am sure if you needed him it would not be that hard for him to call you.

- The 1k a month pays for the websites, podio account with them (you can set up your own account if you want to), 1,000 postcards, VA scraping.

This is just my opinion just like yours. I respect your opinion of Peter and Joe. There are always two sides to every story. We cannot judge others because we do not know there history and past relationships. Looking forward to hearing what thoughts you have.

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the info. I'm super glad that you posted on this.

I ALWAYS want an actual user of the program that I plan I intend on using to provide feedback about the programs results.

I would really be interested in hearing how the program is working for you as of 12/20/2014.

By then you would have invested roughly $17K-$18K and I'm really interested in how much business income that generates for you guys in terms of rehab deals, wholesale deals or rentals properties acquired.

I remember Joe saying he does 5+ deals a week. I would imagine you would be at 1-2 deals a week mark by 12/20/2014.

If you are experiencing significantly greater deal volume and most importantly significantly greater business revenue as a result of partenering with Joe and Peter, that to me is real life proof that the partenering program works. 

Ouch.  All I can say is ouch.  Wow.

@Michael G.

No problem.  I will keep this topic updated.  We just landed a contract off a postcard that should pay for Joe and Peters program.  

@Greg F.  

Thanks for the opinion on the other side of the coin.

That is why we post and interact on BP is to find better/new ways of doing things!

What absolutely pisses me off is: YES I asked questions to Peter but Peter wanted to do the talking.  When he told me it was $15k upfront and asked me "do you see yourself participating in this"... I said no... and he very quickly said, "sounds like it is not for you" and he hung up.  I never had the chance to ask any other questions, to ask "how we might be able to work together".  That is why I took the time to follow up with Joe and talk with him.  But after that conversation it confirmed my feelings that I am NOT interested in the Joe and Peter program!

You asked how much I would pay Jerry... Well...  I would have to sent more than 150,000 pieces of mail to pay Jerry $15k (less than 10cents a piece).  

That is 4 letters to every person in my town 1 time a month for 4 months.  Biased on those numbers, I don't know but I could close .5% of that (very easy).  The would mean Jerry helped me reach 40,000 people 4 times, my closing ratio would have to SUCK with a .5% closing rate but I would still buy 18 houses in 4 months with every $15k paid to Jerry. 

That is the problem with Guru's... how much marketing do you think you can do for $15k?  My point with Jerry is the VALUE EXCHANGE is very fair and he is in my corner to help me send out more mail... assuming I want to send 150,000 pieces of mail in 4 months. 

Question:  @Greg F.  1.  How much mail do these guys send out for your $1000 month?

                                   2.  The website you have on your profile is around $29 month.  Do these guys provide another website for Lead Generation with your $1000 month? 

Don't get me wrong I have spend BIG $$$ with the Guru's and everyone starts someplace.  I just hope we can help some people spend more wisely... like ON marketing!  

Like @Michael G.  said lets see what the results show 60 days from now when you have spent $17k-$18k with these guys?   PLEASE post any results! 

$17k with Jerry... I would have bought 15-20 houses paying him!!! 

Justin and Michael, I never heard of these guys. Ever hear of Amway, you know, diamonds, circles, networking, bring in so many deals move up, that kind of stuff? Same in RE, not saying such is the case, but you do realize that when you get new posters pitching the program, there can be more to it. We've had 5 or 6 jump on the bandwagon for the Rich Dad stuff, new posters with less than 15 posts, more like 6 as I recall.

Since some involved in programs seek partners to bring in, need to beware of endorsements, as deals are brought in, the gurus cut better deals with those that generate business. I'd just want a little more proof of a claim that some program improved a client's business.

Not saying that is the case, just saying that strategy is out there for gurus and their "teams".  Due diligence!

So, Justin, you're saying you got a hold of a "pitch man" ? :)    

@Justin Morgan   @Bill G. 

@Bill not sure if you are trying to say that I am trying to pitch what they offer. I was just stating my experience so far with Joe and Peter. Sure every program is a risk you only get out of it what you put into it. My partner and I looked at like this. Will this help now, 1 year from now and 5 years from now? To us the answers were yes at the time, we might look back and say to each other what in the hell were we thinking. Only time will tell. I could care less about how many people Joe and Peter bring into their program. I am looking out for my business and my family. Do I want them to be more successful absolutely, do I want everyone to be successful absolutely. If the business relationship does not pan out, then nothing lost and everything gained. I also want to thank you for your service to our great nation. Congrats on all the things you have accomplished in your career and the support you offer here on BP.


1. How much mail do these guys send out for your $1000 month?

2. The website you have on your profile is around $29 month. Do these guys provide another website for Lead Generation with your $1000 month?

- The 1k a month pays for 1k postcards, VA scraping on craigslist daily, website, birddog site, rent to own site, changes to the sites, turnkey podio setup. (We pay for our own account with podio) they will create a workspace for you on their podio account.

I understand where you are coming from on spending money more wisely on marketing. There are a lot of gurus out there. That claims this and claims that. The only things I can do are hustle with every lead that their program brings in, and do my homework so we can be successful REIs. So far, so good. We should be closing on our first property here in the next 2 weeks. This property should pay the for the upfront cost and another 2-5 months of marketing.

I will update our adventure with Joe and Peter here in a couple of months. Sometimes words can be taken out of context. So I hope that this post does not offend or upset anyone. Vision without action is a day dream, action without vision is a nightmare.

WOW, that is an awesome looking website on @Greg F. 's link.  It is well done.  Perhaps I am too cynical from prosecuting too many fraudulent people but I do not believe your website.  I find it difficult to believe that Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett have both given you testimonials.  In my opinion integrity plays a huge roll in success, and your web site to me lacks integrity.  I suppose it is possible that nVisions Solutions Inc has done all the things it says it has, but to be honest I do not believe it.  Perhaps that type of advertising works in your area.

    I urge everyone to be VERY cautious of anyone with a few posts, or a lot for that matter who come endorsing or selling a product with fabulous claims.  The endorsements can be easily faked.  Be sure to verify for yourself.  I would love to see everyone succeed in real estate or their chosen field, but I have seen the results of folks, especially the elderly who have lost nearly everything they had folks who promised but did not deliver.  I went over a scam with the FBI recently where folks were selling an investment on property and a wind farm to be developed in Wyoming near Rawlins.  A lot of folks were bilked out of money before they caught the perpetrators and jailed them.  I am not saying this outfit is a scam but their advertisement causes me concern.  I truly hope I am wrong.

Greg, there was nothing meant personally by my post, it's SOP on BP as to new members sounding off anything that can be considered an endorsement for any guru, mentor, coach or "program". There are some very tangled webs that are weaved in RE. After we get to know you better, as you gain influence with others, you won't be so "suspected" as we do try to protect our new, learning members.

Now, that said, I didn't go to your web site, but I certainly respect  Jerry's opinions! If I had a web site and Warren gave me an endorsement, I'd probably say thank you very much, but I probably wouldn't advertise it as it would be rather hard to believe.

Endorsements can be a touchy thing, they can carry liability issues as well as professional implications. There is that "birds of a feather stick together" aspect too, endorse someone else and if something bad turns out later on, sure enough you'll have pie on your face. And endorsements are purchased too, there are endorsement brokers who make a business out of it, I don't think actors endorse reverse mortgages for nothing. So, IMO, endorsements aren't that useful for small RE operations from well known celebrities, now if you get an actual client/customer giving their full name, just an average guy, that is more believable, at least to me.

I'm not going to your link, but if Jerry has concerns I'd suggest you address those. In RE, you might look up "puffing" we have some real puffers here. :)    

Hey, nothing wrong with a little puffery!  What to buy a carbolic smoke ball?

Thank you for both for your input and concerns. I honestly do appreciate it. I can also see the concerns of a new poster on BP. I can see were Jerry is coming from on the testimonials. None of the gurus on the testimonials mentioned us, (nvision) I see more of quotes from them than testimonials. We all start somewhere, as we grow in REI all the little things will grow with us. We know our site needs some work to make more us. I work in Brazil for 28 days and my partner is in the Navy. Our main focus is the leads that come in. The websites are on the back burner for now.

@Bill At first I took it personal but as I read your post more than once I came to realize it was directed to the community more so than me. It just happened to be on a topic I posted on. I just felt that I should post my experience so far with Joe and Peter. There is always two sides to every story. One side had a bad experience with Joe and Peter and the other side had a good experience so far with Joe and Peter. Like I said time will tell if we made a good decision or a bad one. But I do know this, good or bad we gain knowledge and experience in the REI business.

@Jerry You will always have people that do not believe in something you say or put on your website. If it is from a website, email or talking to them in person.It is human nature to have that mindset, the only way to make a non-believer to a believer is by action, and that’s what my partner and I will do.Sure testimonials can help, but how hard is it for someone to make those up. Not very hard, it’s marketing, it’s getting someone to call you and talk to you about their situation, and it’s about helping someone out of the situation they are in. It’s about placing good people into a good home that is down on their luck for whatever reason that might be.

In my first post in this topic I never endorsed Jor or Petter, I never said anyone should buy into their program. I stated my opinion of my experience with them. How does anyone get that I was trying to endorse them I don’t know. We all see things different from one another.Just like Jerry seeing the testimonials being from gurus, I see quotes from gurus.For me the key here is to have constructive topic with being respectful to one another’s business and personal feelings.I try my best to be very respectful, up front and honest to everyone I come into contact with.This topic was asking about Joe and Peter, I posted my opinion just like Justin did.So let’s focus on the topic at hand.Bill and Jerry have you ever done business with Joe or Peter?

Thank you both again for you input, honesty, and concerns

It's December.

@Greg F. how are you doing with this program?

Happy Holidays to all! Today is 12/26/2014. 6 days past 12/20/2014 when I asked Greg F to update us on his success with the coaching he is receiving from Peter and Joe. I am personally very interested in his progress and forward movement especially if it is directly related to Peter and Joe's coaching program which charges a 15K "are you serious" fee PLUS an extra 1K a month on marketing. @Greg F - Can we get an update friend? I think anyone who was remotely interested in Peter and Joes program would be interested in how many deals you have completed since enrollment. Strategies and tactics used, lessons learned, etc. Not just fellow BP'ers but anyone searching the web for info on the Peter and Joe coaching opportunity. If you haven't had any success that's ok also because we can all learn from that lesson who not to invest our money with.

Disclosure: We are in Joe and Peter´s Program

@Michael G. @Mark Rios  

Sorry guys, with the holidays and working in Brazil.  He is my update.

  We are very happy with what Joe and Peter are providing us.   I will be honest and say that we were not prepared for the leads that came in.  We got behind the 8ball and trying to catch up to the leads that we have.  At no fault to Joe and Peter.  

Send me a PM if you would like to know more.  I am not going to go into details on this topic because of previous comments left by people who have never talked to Joe or Peter.

Hey Greg,

Can't speak for everyone but I personally just wanted to know if as a result of Joe and Peters coaching you've done a a deal since 10/20? If you didn't do any deals than that is just the truth of the matter. 

Ironically,just yesterday I was listening to a Joe McCall podcast on coaching. The commentary between he and his guest, revolved around coaching and the cost of coaching. How much is too much to pay for coaching? If someone can come up with, let's say in your case, $15K for coaching that they are probably already successful at something to be able to come up with that $15K and they would probably be good as a coaching student because they understand what it takes to be successful.

I get that.  (not sure I agree with it but I get it.)

I just think that what comes along with coaching at that price point is an obligation to hold you accountable and push you to get deals done.

For instance:  If you have to put out 400 bandit signs a month and didnt do that you should be hot seated for it and made to explain why you didnt do that and what can be done to fix it so it doesnt happen again the next month.

Maybe Joe and Peter are doing that for you... I dont know.

It would be nice if you were able to be transparent here on BP and share about your training in and what went wrong with the leads exactly. What does got behind the 8 ball really mean? That you were expecting 60 leads but received 160 leads as a direct result of strategies and tactics used from your coaching program?

One of the main benefits of BP is that people come here to find out the truth about what works and what doesn't work and you my friend have a unique opportunity to share that with the rest of the BP community.

Some people will knock you if you say you didn't do any deals but alot of people understand that most successful people have lost money trying different things and failing at them....repeatedly.

Personally, I really want to see you succeed.

@Greg F.  

Thanks for sharing what you did but it seems your "bowing out" or "holding back" some of the details because of "previous comments left".  Who cares what other say!

I started this thread and it was hard to say publicly what I experienced as I have a hard time calling people out.  My hope in sharing publicly is to:

1.  Get Joe McCall and Peter Vekselman to step up and put a program together that really helps investors.

2.  Warn the public if in fact it is another crappy scam. 

As you are one of the few that have publicly announced your in the Joe and Peter program the BP nation is counting on you to challenged and change what I experienced IF in fact we need to know something different.

I hope we get to hear more details from you. 

I have some experience with @Joe McCall  on the time management side of things.  I can't speak about doing real estate business with him other than I know he does a lot of business and is very knowledgeable. 

If you have a chance to work with him with regards to hiring VA's and and streamlining you business, I would highly recommend doing so, it will be worth your time and money.

I don't know Joe but purchased a couple of properties from Peter via assignment! I receive around one or two emails a day from him of potential deals/leads...

My guess is that he does a massive mailing campaign here in GA and has a few people working for him or with him!

Would not be able to comment on his teaching or mentoring program but he's real busy out there !


Disclosure: I am in Peter Vekselman's program

Hi Everyone,

My name is Justin. I literally just joined BP yesterday, and I am very excited about the networking opportunities, wealth of knowledge and resources provided here. You guys do a fantastic job.

I just wanted to contribute my experience to date with Peter Vekselman. I want to become a credible member here and the best way I know to do that is to share my story as it unfolds in an honest manner. The very least it could do is help others make a better informed decision. Ok so here it goes..

I started looking for coaching programs at the beginning of last week (2/9/15). I submitted an application for the "CoachingbyPeterProgam" and was contacted by peter soon after. we discussed basic information: motivation for REI, goals, expectations...etc. he sent me an outline of his program. I deliberated, thought it through, and deliberated some more eventually signing the contract today. Here are the original details:

tuition: 16,000

Payment options: one time payment of 12,800k-20% off

7k down and 1480 per month for 5 months

4k down and 1,500 per month for 8 months.

Here is what we settled on:

2k down and 1k per month until tuition is paid. I also agreed to pay 1k per month for marketing.

Future payments are only due if I am satisfied with the program. if not I can stop anytime but will not get back any money paid previously. I settled on Peter for a couple of reasons: 1. I liked that I talked with him during the entire process and expect to continue to work with him on a 1 on 1 basis during the program (as well as his director of operations, who runs all marketing) 2. he was thorough in answering my questions and obviously flexible on the payments 3. I liked the fact that I can stop anytime I am not satisfied, and not pay future payments.

I also went through Phil Pustejovsky's ( I think the spelling is correct) application process. here is the short of it. I spoke with one guy, his name was Darius, who was extremely nice and thorough as well. they gave me two options 6k or 9k. 9k included heavier marketing and 1 on 1 calls with Phil. you split the profits 50/50 until 500k is reached, if you complete the program you get the original 6 or 9k deposit back.

Sorry if the post is long I tried to be concise, yet thorough. if you have any questions let me know, and of course I will update as the journey progresses.  

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