Anyone experienced with Lee Arnold's system

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I read on Lee Arnold system . com that joining the inner circle gives access to up to 100% financing on residential loans including Property Purchase Price + Closing Costs + Rehab Costs if that amount is 65% of the after repair value (ARV) as determined by a third party appraiser. Has anyone had experience using this financing, or can recommend a similar financing alternative without the overhead of joining an inner circle?

@Thomas Malone As a fairly inexperienced real estate investor, I have not had any dealings with Lee Arnold or his inner circle.  A quick internet search led to quite a few complaints by people claiming to be ripped off, had deals fall through, or simply getting the run around each time.  A big question is do you have the $25,000 to gamble?

Thomas, you don't need to join an inner, outer or any circle to get 65% of arv.   Find a deal that meets that criteria and talk to local hard money lenders.  Spend the $25,000 on a deal not a consultant.

Where do you find "local" hard money lenders? Most I have found are never local.

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I am currently dealing. I think I have been taken for a ride. They say as I have just seen they will loan money. And there was no limit. Well I just brought them a portfolio for $3.4 million worth $6.5 million and now they don’t do this kind of a deal. Marc Mosseau was the leader at this Oklahoma City funding tour I went to and said contact me with my first deal. Well no return phone calls. I am about to lose my car my place to live basically my life. And no help.

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Oh no, I just signed up for this!!! What do I do to get out of it? Can I just try to cancel the card? It may be too late.

Originally posted by @Cheryl Warner :

Oh no, I just signed up for this!!! What do I do to get out of it? Can I just try to cancel the card? It may be too late.

yup stop payment.. also for future reference if you cant pay cash for these kind of educational events don't do it.

how are you going to do business if you have to charge this to even get started.. this is the very thing that really bugs me about the real estate education sector in the US>. talking people to go into credit card debt when they know full well only 10% or less of folks that try this or any kind of wholesaling / flipping/ notes / lending etc will do anything .. and especially if you have no capital. REAL Estate in any form takes capital.. don't let anyone tell you different 

@Jack Turner have you tried posting this deal and see if you can get other partners. If it is as good as a deal you say there will be people out there

Try COGO funding, as this is their funding...go straight to them maybe?

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