Anyone experienced with Lee Arnold's system

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I read on Lee Arnold system . com that joining the inner circle gives access to up to 100% financing on residential loans including Property Purchase Price + Closing Costs + Rehab Costs if that amount is 65% of the after repair value (ARV) as determined by a third party appraiser. Has anyone had experience using this financing, or can recommend a similar financing alternative without the overhead of joining an inner circle?

@Thomas Malone As a fairly inexperienced real estate investor, I have not had any dealings with Lee Arnold or his inner circle.  A quick internet search led to quite a few complaints by people claiming to be ripped off, had deals fall through, or simply getting the run around each time.  A big question is do you have the $25,000 to gamble?

Thomas, you don't need to join an inner, outer or any circle to get 65% of arv.   Find a deal that meets that criteria and talk to local hard money lenders.  Spend the $25,000 on a deal not a consultant.

Where do you find "local" hard money lenders? Most I have found are never local.

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