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I have invested in his course and not yet attended the seminar. During the period since buying I have been sending in deals that would meet the criteria and gotten some less than motivating responses.
So if you have experienced, good or bad, MArco I would appreciate it. I would love for it to be the real thing. Luxury Real Estate.

HI REReality,
I've taken Marco's course and I had a generally good experience. But like everything you must apply the information. These days you have to be buying VERY right, like 50% of FMV in the luxury domain for it to make sense. Perhaps that is the reason for the chilly reply. I think as the economy gets worse the pain of paying a $20,000/month note will get to be too much for many people and Marco's option/auction idea will be attractive. The high cotton is coming in the luxury area. The great thing about Marco is that he's always innovating and bringing new things to the table. He was teaching sponsorships at the round-robin auctions as a secondary income streams about 20 months ago. I heard Ron Legrand mention it first about a month ago.

You have to watch Marco though, he's what I call the "PT Barnum" of creative real estate. I've told that to his face and he laughed. I've seen him pitch his coaching program and the powerpoint slides only talk about the $2,000 up front fee and somehow the $200/month on-going charge never makes it into the presentation until you give them your credit card. Monumentally sleazy! All in all, though I like Marco, because of his innovation, but keep your wallet close.

His repeat bootcamp charge of $500 for past graduates is a great bargain, because he is always teaching new stuff and has new programs, such as his financing program for the advertising costs for a formal auction that you would do with a professional auctioneer for houses over about $4M. A real deal if you've got a good deal under option and can't raise the $25-50K it will take to market and auction the thing. I am not currently pursuing this, but it is on my agenda for the near future as I think it is a great line of business in the single-family domain. When I am eligible to post URLs I'll give you a re guru review site that is good.


I'd have to agree with what Clay said about Marco - he's a master marketer. He is very innovative, and has a great perspective on the round robin acution tool to move properties. Clay's also right about the tall cotton yet to come in on the luxury side - we're multifamily investors ourselves but have a capital partner who is doing very well in Jackson Hole and Big Sky with luxury options.

I was considering the boot camp but the $5000 was a little much for me at this time. I noticed that you are allowed to bring a guest. Would you like to split the cost and add me as your partner, guest or (as they do not use those specific words) Significant other (their words).

I did see some negative reviews on the internet. The one that alarmed me the most was from one that attended the seminar and when he approached Marco about do a deal with him, he was told that he had to get hard money on his own and they wanted to have him sign a contract taking 80% of the profits. In his presentation (to buy his boot camp) he says over and over not to invest more than $100 and he will front the $50,000 in marketing money to the auctioneer and the split would be 50/50. That was a post from a year ago so maybe things have changed? By the way, I found that on goggle when I typed in "Marco Kozlowski Reviews".

I've just invested in the program myself, and I have to admit that I'm not real happy with the results so far. I've submitted 3 deals, which were good deals (I've been a full time investor for 18+ years), and I haven't heard anything back on any of them for 3 weeks. I have a feeling that if this program works, the success or failure is going to depend 100% on ME, which is OK, but Marco promotes that his company will come in and handle the particulars, and I don't forsee that to be so. After all, they probably get 200 deal submissions per week, which I've heard him say, and with that many deals coming in, what's the chance that he's going to pick YOURS to personally work.

The JV hook sells a lot of courses. They do not do deals.......

His return rate is huge as he sells air basically. The JV hook keeps people working past the return rate

I was at an event where I purchased the course, it was a few months away from the bootcamp so I made my mind up that I would play P.I. for a while and check into who Marko was. Well, I kept coming across people who were not pleased with the service they were getting plus they all told me of the constant upsaling, which was a turn off.
I spoke to a couple of people who had good things to say.

I believe the market your in bears alot on your success. If you live in an area void of luxury homes then stay away from this course.

I got a refund and didn't attend.

I have taken Marco's Boot Camp. Innovative and whole different approach to Realestate Investing. Not only does he provide a great boot camp but you take away marketing and negotiating skills, that can be used for any product or service. What he has done is provide information. It is up to any individual on how they apply it and what level they take it. Add passion and perseverance


Before I go into Marco's bootcamp, you have to purchase his system close to $5 G's - The Black Box - which contains nothing much in the black box unless you need a cheap calculator and a tiny notebook and a video of who he is or was. Boot camp comes and you get this big book that serves as your guide for 4 days (well actually close to two - since in between those days you have so many of his guru friends selling their guruness, of course Marco gets a cut) Then the shocker comes, you find out you cannot use his name, logo or website or be part of his network unless you pay-up between $20,000 to 40,000 if not more to be part of the inner circle. If you pay up you get seated on premier front seats with reserved seats and your name labeled VIP. Otherwise, you will have to contend with the fact (or not so fact) that you are poor (maybe not) and cannot afford the VIP treatment.

The preying coaches awaits in the sidelines. You also have to pay $200 /month to be able to talk to him on the phone once every two weeks If you missed that you don't get a replay.

As for the other gurus selling their wares - be very much aware whose return policy are you going to abide by. You go out for lunch with the guru of your choice and you have to pay for the gurus lunch to get to know him or her. Getting in touch with someone at the office can be very tasking. If his numbers are right 50,000 students if not more then multiply that with the number of staffers in his office. You will then be able to assess your chances for support. Of course there are the pricey mentors if you have the deep pockets.

One thing though he is a very charismatic speaker. Very confident. He is sometimes funny and sometimes very insulting. If you ever want to speak with him - well unless you have the money then it would be very difficult. There are many layers of people who will screened you before you get to the Sultans throne if you ever get to the Sultans throne.

Before you go to the boot camp leave your credit cards home, your checks, IOU's and the like. However, if you have huge money stashed somewhere, please have fun spending for their merchants account awaits you endlessly.

The Boot Camp is great time to spend and spend and spend. Of course learn and gurus and gurus and gurus and gurus and gurus and gurus and learn.


Stay home. I got to go to an event about 5 years ago or maybe longer in Orlando. I did not pay, but man did he make some money. I seen people flying with credit cards for coaching programs, credit repair, private money events, entity structuring. I remember that my wife and son went with me. We kind of made it a fun trip to get away from home. Well when we arrived at the hotel we got in the elevator and people had already signed up. The event was titled Big Fat Checks. My wife got super upset as she thought it said Big Fat Chicks. Goes to show you what marketing can do.

It was a good networking event. Got to see some people that I have not seen since then. But overall I would say PASS.

Came across this article from www.jenman.com.au about "The American Snake-Oil Show" -


Though dated, it's amusing to note the following characters that showed up in this road show, check the article out.

https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/79/topics/20322/reply#The stars of the THE AMERICAN SNAKE-OIL SHOW:

1. Raymond Aaron
2. Marco Kozlowski
3. Sean Roach
4. Wright Thurston

Here's an excerpt of his thoughts:https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/79/topics/20322/reply#

"This was unbelievable. I cannot believe people can be so gullible with this American and Canadian drivel.

People were hurrying toward the back of the room to sign up with their credit cards in hand, in case they missed out on being one of the lucky few (because, according to the speakers – sorry, spruikers – "they can't take all of us") to join the other "students" in the past who have become rich with these courses.

Some people signed for all the spruikers' courses. I felt embarrassed for them."


A friend just sent me this link so I thought I would share it with all of you. A rating of F with the Better Business Bureau. No local address verified. Clueless.


I received a rather slick mailer today on attending their bootcamp for only $19.95, however from everything I've read the ones that will be getting rich will be those putting on the bootcamp, rather than the attendees who are being asked to fork over money for all the add on information and "assistance". I'm taking a pass.

Hello There. I have taken Marco's Bootcamp and implemented everything what he says in his course. Marco even interviewed me in one of his calls about how many lead I generated using his system. I have to tell you that his marketing does work but I should caution you that once you have the agreement and are going to the next level to get the property sold, Marco's system does not work. When Marco sells his course he says he would stand by you and if you implement his system and are not able to be sucessful he would return the money. Good Luck with that. He is a big scam artist and you cannot get anything back from this scam artist. Please do not take his course and waste your money. I tried and tried and tried to get my money back and gave up. His karma is going to catch up with him one day.

I attended the course a few times and am now ready to jump right in and start making money. I paid for the boot camp and paid to become an affiliate. It was no where near $20,000. I'm sorry to hear about some of your bad experiences but I believe this is probably the best real estate investing system out there. I'ts a very easy system that's all set up for you. You just follow the steps and don't deviate from it.
So far, I've hired a marketing specialist, subscribed to the Pat Live phone answering service, and found my first Realtor to work with. I'm absolutely confident that I can make a lot of money using this system. I'm going to be bold and set a goal of $500,000 in profit over the next year. :cool: I'll do some weekly or bi-weekly updates to show my progress. I don't expect to close my first deal until about the beginning of March of 2011. I still have to hire a negotiator and a sales specialist. I should be able to send out my first marketing campaign by the middle of January. Wish me luck. :wink:


I've been working this program for 1 1/2 years and have worked on many deals - none of which closed. I know many people from various Luxury Home bootcamps and nobody has heard of any deals going through in the US. Deals are getting done in Canada, but the US market is so depressed that people only want to buy at the event/auction for around 65% of value - which is most likely below the strike price we make with the seller. Not only do we leave the seller hanging, but all the realtors and other people who worked with us got shafted too. I'm so sorry I wasted so many people's time on this program - let alone all of my time and money - because this program doesn't currently work. I've heard that most of his inner circle people (who paid $20K+) have also given up on it. I believe this program will work when the market turns around again in the US, but for now, unless you're in Canada, don't waste your money.

Marco has been doing a great job with us on our business. We have 5 large deals in our pipeline and have sold 10 leads so far and a listing referral worth $40K.

Marco makes most of his money doing deals, not doing seminars. That is the key to look for to ferret out the rats from the riches with these gurus. Look for someone who is actually making money doing what they are teaching. Marco is doing half a dozen deals with me at the moment and has as many closing within the next 30 days.

All these people allow other people to pitch at their events, Marco has recently minimized these numbers. He does offer coaching programs and they are expensive enough to ration his resources effectively.

So far, Marco has proven to be trustworthy and very motivated to help us succeed. Unlike the other gurus who I invested many $1000s with, this one actually tells you to FOCUS and do one thing until you are successful. Which is where most new investors fail. Doing too many things, and not doing any of them 100%.

That's based on my experience here in the NYC metro area.

The only complaint I have is that Marco says it's not "hard work". Maybe he didn't say that. I'm not sure. But ...using his techniques and working my a** off, I've done some deals. BIG deals and I'm having the last laugh at all the doubters.

I also get a kick out of the complainers who say they brought LHG a "great deal" and couldn't get help ...it's very clear up front that the definition of a "great deal" is up to Marco. My advice ...find a BETTER deal.

I've been to his seminars twice but it was worth every penny and it is pennies once you start closing deals.

I tell everyone TAKE MARCO'S COURSE. Don't blame YOUR failure on someone else. In fact, don't call it a failure ...call it a learning experience, adjust, negotiate harder, work smarter and find a better deal.

Originally posted by ChesterO:
I attended the course a few times and am now ready to jump right in and start making money. ... I'll do some weekly or bi-weekly updates to show my progress. I don't expect to close my first deal until about the beginning of March of 2011. ...

I wonder where Chester went, with those promised updates. And now that we're into April 2011, I'd love to hear about that expected first deal that closed in March ...

I'm still here. I had a major personal set back that hurt me in many ways including financially. I'm struggling now and trying to pick myself back up. As soon as I can save up a few hundred bucks, I will get back on track with my first property. As soon as that happens, I will post it here. Hopefully within the next 30 - 60 days.
I'm sorry for not giving an update earlier.


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