Rich Dad Seminars- Worth to attend?

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After studying (well listening) my first Real Estate Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" I was fascinated by the way the author showed the difference between the Hard Working family and Smart working family. I attended one of their free Seminars and it was so inspiring and motivational.

Lets week I got a call from them to attend 3 days workshops with free tablet for 500$. Checking if anyone know about these seminars or is it really worth to spend time and money.

Appreciate your responses.



@Phani Malepati

Mail me a money order for $500 and I will coach you 3 times a week for 1 month, in 30 minutes intervals.  



I would search Rich dad poor dad coaching here on BiggerPockets there's thousands of posts about people that of been to Free and Paid coaching

I'm a coach myself and I have had people that have not been happy

Understand that the people talking to you in a seminar are very skilled at getting your emotions up

@Phani Malepati

@Phani Malepati Do not waste your time or money. Will they give you good information in these seminars? Yes. Can you get that same information right here on BP for free? Yes.

Thanks for all the advice, I have decided to invest more time in reading blogs and articles in BP.


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