Tom Ferry RE coaching? Worth the invesment or SCAM?!

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Hi everyone,

I recently had a phone call with one of the Tom Ferry coaching consultants about joining his program. I read right through all the sales tactics and some of the things seemed legitimate,some did not. I then proceeded to search reviews on his coaching programs. Alot of yelp was negative feedback and the rest of the internet was fairly positive.

In an industry that can get very foggy with fakes and scams, BP in my opinion holds honesty and clarity. If anyone has experience with tom ferry's please give me some feedback whether or not its worth the investment or a big scam.


He is legit. Some agents pay him $800-$1000 an hour to rehearse or improve salesmanship. You do better watching YouTube for free. We can not teach people about how to be a super-used house salesman but watching what they preach you can do just as good.

Tom Ferry is a common name. Someone could impersonate him.

Tom Ferry is one of the top 3 or so agent coaches in the business. (Along with probably Brian Buffini and Michael Maher) Coaching does not really fit my personality, but I know plenty of agents that use his coaching and swear by it.

@Sam Shueh thanks for the insight! Yea i have watched his youtube videos for a while now. I like the network opportunities that they have but was just hesitate as a new agent to spend that kind of money.

@Russell Brazil thank you for the response! I appreciate the honesty and glad that other fellow agent colleagues of yours swear by him. Looking forward to checking out your appearances on the podcast!!

Hey @Account Closed , did you ever end up committing to a coaching program? Looking at some of the available options now, mainly Tom Ferry, and was curious where you ended up

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