Managing Rental Property in Evernote

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Thinks for the post @Jimmy Moncrief ! I already leverage Evernote for the time management aspect and now I've learned yet another cool use for the software. Thanks Bud!

@John E. can you expand on that and tell me how you use Evernote for time management?

Glad you liked the article!

@Jimmy Moncrief Sure no problem! I've been leveraging Evernote on my phone via the software's mobile phone app. The software is modeled after David Allen's book Getting Things Done. The premise is this- although the mind is incredible in many regards, it STINKS at keeping track of incoming tasks and getting them done. The Evernote app comes to your rescue by providing you with a means of recording all things you want/have to get done by taking a quick photo, recording the task as a note, providing a reminder, audio recording, and SO much more.

These tasks are then tagged based on a few key questions: When? Where? With whom? What?

An example of this would be noticing your garage is dirty in the morning and creating an "evernote" so that you remember to clean it. The title of the "evernote" may be "Clean the Garage" and it could be tagged with: Kids (With Whom?). Cleaning (What?). Later (When?). @Home (Where?).

Whenever I plan on doing something I make sure to get that idea or plan into the app so that I can get it done later based on the tag-based parameters I have set.

The way in which I utilize the app is fairly simple- tagging anything that comes up for later completion. The app can do SO much more, including being hooked up with your email and archiving your emails so that you remain on top of things.

I learned how to use the system by going to where all of the uses of the app are detailed with great insight in a marvelous video series.

It changed my life and hopefully it can help you too!

As of now I have a mindset that evernote is meant only for to-do management. After going through your article I am pretty much impressed. Thanks for driving us through the proper usability of the tool. Great writeup I would say.

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