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Looking to rent a vacation home. Would love to market the property on a website. Does anyone know a good template website or plug and play with ability to do transactions online? I have seen square space which seems more design forward. I am a trained designer but not a web developer so I can't code etc. Any suggestions or sites investors use to rent their vacation rentals?



in addition to the websites above,

Those 4 websites combined drive (I'm guessing) 95% of all vacation rental traffic. I have clients that list their homes exclusively on those sites without marketing anywhere else and get incredible occupancy rates. They're exploding with popularity. 

Great thank you!

As for Air BnB has anyone ever designated 1 or few rentals or possibly vacancies in their rental unit to Air BnB and were able to make more per door then to rent out on a 1 year lease?

Agree with those above to use AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc. Unless you are going to dominate SEO and have your rental's website appear on the top of Google searches, your best bet is to use one of the above sites. 

Hey @Justin Lau  ! 

I started renting my vacation house a couple years ago and we've been doing insanely good w/ a mix of 3 things. 

1. - like Kyle above said those 3 sites rock. Vrbo tends to be the most active one for our listing so that $400/yr is well worth it. 

2. - That's my favorite because the type of renter tends to be a bit different (in a good way) and you can verify the person is legit and who they say they are. We get probably about 40% of our rentals through airbnb. 

3. our own website at - we setup this site for our vacation rental and linked it to our airbnb listing. 

The cool thing is... if you know SEO a bit.. you can optimize your listings to rank well for search phrases people are typing in. 

If you go to google and type "running y townhomes for rent" you'll see my vrbo listing #1 (over dozens of other vrbo listings on that site) and our site we setup in InvestorCarrot (a company I own) #2. 

A good 1 - 2 punch. 

If you list your house on vrbo they'll also list it on homeaway and flipkey (vrbo owns them all). 

Good luck! Reach out to me on the SEO side of things if you want to! I'd be happy to give you some tips or help you optimize your listings.

- Trevor

If you're looking to make your own website in addition to airbnb I really like wordpress. Squarespace is good too but I like wordpress more. There are lots of plugins you could use for booking clients I imagine. Or use a third party service like square in addition to wordpress.

Trevor L.

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