Washington DC Data Tool

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At one of my local REIA's last month, I met a guy who is working for a small real estate startup, based out of Washington D.C. I want to share this new website that is currently in the beginning stages.

Create is a website that pools together data from local government codes, tax assessments, surveys, and planning. When this platform grows, investors will no longer have to go to county websites to find tax info, or zoning ordinances. It is all right there. Honestly, it has so much to offer that if you are still reading this, check it out yourself and just start playing. It only has data for D.C. at the moment, but they told me Arlington county and the rest of NoVa is likely next.

disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the website create.io. In fact I dont think the website has even figured out how to monetize yet. I just think its a really cool tool, that can be a game changer.

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