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Hey everyone!  I'm in need of a new online rent payment system / property management program.  I have used in the past, without a problem until this week.  They are having some serious issues and have not deposited the rent into our account for this month.  It's approx $12,000 that is currently "being held" and that is unacceptable.  We currently have 56 units and I would like something that has online payment options.  Let me know what you use and the pros / cons of options out there.  Thank you for your help in advance!!  It's a bit stressful right now.

Has anyone used  Pros / cons?

Has anyone tried 

I've been using Cozy for 6 months now and it's easy. Free for me and free for the tenants.

It takes 5 days to transfer the money (which I assume is how they make their money), which is fine by me. For $3/property/month, you can have the transfer expedited.

I'm definitely a fan!

@Karen Higgins

Check out this thread Online Payments

I use Tenantcloud. There is a free version and paid subscription. I pay $9/month for the service. With tenantcloud you can accept bank wires, CC/debit cards payments, Paypal.

Also it has property management that you can use to manage your units, including equipment, keys, work order, communication with tenants etc. 

Deposit usually credited to the bank account within 4-5 business days.  

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