Why do you pay for Podio if you can have it for free?

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Hi all.

What are the reasons you pay for your Podio subscription if you can have a free account?

I recently started testing Podio as my new CRM and now I want fully migrate on it.

I do not have a huge business nor I have tons of leads flowing. I do not wholesale nor flips. I buy and hold and also I help other investors to buy. So as of now I’m one-man operation (on the managing side of the business) and time to time I have an assistant help me. As I’m testing out the Podio I came across Globiflow that would be a great addition to help with the direct marketing. However, to use globiflow I will have to buy subscription for Podio. It is still cheaper than the payment I has with TopProducer but it’d be nice if I can stay with the free version.

Any input on the question will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The two main reasons to pay for Podio are:

1. You have more than 5 users (which doesn't apply to your case)

2. To get Globiflow, in order to save you time and automate actions.  There are countless things that Globiflow can do that will enable you to win more deals.  For example, I've worked with real estate investors to set up automated long-term marketing to sellers.  Let's say a seller decides in January that they don't want to sell the property.  So you set up an automated series of text messages, to contact the seller in June and December.  If you set up a system like this in Podio/Globiflow, just one deal that results from this type of contact automation more than pays for itself.

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