I need to make a Website, but don't know how.

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I currently have freedomsoft so I have a buyer and a seller website, but they don't generate any traffic unless I have links to them.

I want to get a seller website that is SEO for my area. I'm terrible at this. I don't understand websites, keywords (well I get keywords, but don't know which ones to use), or web hosting. I can do a simple template website, but again it comes down to SEO.

I'd also like to start a wholesaler blog with wordpress or something, but don't know how to use wordpress or uploading stuff to the host site with web disks and FTPs confuse the heck out of me.

Does anyone have any resources or tips for this?

I would point you to website like Elance.com or vworker.com. You can find large numbers of experts from around the world to do many things at low prices and with verified experience.

DIY does not work if you are not already pretty knowledgeable.

Are you an agent, and want IDX? Investor or ? How many listings do you have? There are many options, some do it yourself using easy to do templates that walk you through, and those done by pros. Some templates help with SEO, keywords, local profiles, etc. Start by doing a google search "wordpress real estate websites" and see if any of them fit what you're looking for.

It depends on what you plan on offering on the website as to which I would recommend however for a basic website I will recommend godaddy with website tonight.

Hi Michael,

In "real life" (opposed to my secret investor identity) I am a web developer and run Ally Web Solutions, LLC, on a daily basis. I'd be happy to help you get some knowledge under your belt.

"SEO" is an acronym for Search Engine Optimizer/ation/ed. (The suffix changes depending on who you talk to). The entire point of the acronym involves an individual using programming techniques and content placement to structure the semantic "flow" of your web site's data. By doing so search engines will be able to determine, in their computer logic, what your web site is all about. Keywords play a good part in this, but equally important is the placement and "mark up" of those keywords. Social linking, as I call it, plays the next largest role. This is the one that not everyone has control over because it is the "street cred" your web site has in a given subject. For example: if BiggerPockets.com linked to your site and called it "The Best Wholesale Real Estate Web Site Ever" then a search engine (say, Google) might determine that BiggerPockets is "voting" for your web site as a web site dealing with wholesale real estate. Enough votes like this and your web site stars to ascend higher in the search results.

Template web sites can be great because they offer a fast, inexpensive deployment solution. When clients work on a tight budget, I advise them to reduce their design costs by utilizing a template.

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS). There are HUNDREDS of such systems on the internet, but something about Wordpress made it hugely popular. It grew from a tiny CMS into a very popular CMS in the span of six months, I'd guess. It "blew up." CMSs help folks who do not know how to write web page code by offering them a rich-text editor (akin to Wordpad for Windows) to author their web site's content. So, while you might not know the code to create a hyperlink, you can click a button, fill in some details, and the CMS inserts the necessary code for you.

Uploading is a word that means "sending" data to another place. When my clients ask the difference between uploading and downloading, I use an analogy involving cabinet shelves. Imagine you wake up late at night and simply must have an Oreo cookie. You stride into the kitchen and open the cabinet to retrieve the cookie pack. It's on a high shelf so you must bring it "down" in order to get your Oreo. You "download" it to your hands in order to have access.
Having eaten the last Oreo, it is time to restock. You come back from the grocery with a new package. Open the cabinet and place the new package "up" on the shelves. So, you have "uploaded" your package to the shelf.

Do you see the difference and understand its analogic meaning? In the web world, when you download a file, that means you are bringing a file from somewhere else to your computer. When you are uploading, you are sending a file to somewhere else.

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. The entire purpose of FTP is to upload and download files from a specific place. Many programs are available for download (for free) which facilitate this process. Here is an example of what FTP might be used for: a web developer (me, maybe?) creates your web site on his personal computer. Once it is finished, he has to upload the web site (all the files which compose the site) to a computer that is specially configured to host the web site for the entire Internet. He would use an FTP program to do this.

I hope this has helped. If you have more questions, please let me know.

// Rob

Thanks for the replies everyone! Sounds like a template is the way to go and get someone to SEO it for me?

I want to have a main website for sellers with info about me and my business, and have 5 other squeeze page mini websites that would specifically target certain areas so they would be more relevant in the google search for those areas and specific seller (foreclosure, probate, divorce, etc...). I figure the more internet real estate I have the more chances I have at getting the right motivated sellers to contact me.

As for my buyer site I would need more of a realtor type site that I can list the properties I have... but not on MLS since I'm not a realtor.

Lastly would be my blog website where I can talk about my adventures in wholesaling and give more relevance to my seller/buyer websites since my blog/vlog will have updated content all the time.


Again, I don't think setting up your own website if you do not have the knowledge is a good use of your time. A template is a starting point, not most of it. You can get someone for perhaps $100-$150 on the sites I mentioned above.

It is like trying to be your own CPA in setting up a property the first time. Getting it right can take a vast amount of time and corrections, and you can still have a mess.

Michael Lerch Michael, depending on the competition of your area, if you want to get on top of search results organically, in my opinion you should hire an SEO company. They are worth their weight in gold. $99/month SEO gets you $99/month deals. The cheapy companies just send you through their process and the results are diluted. I suggest calling around to several true SEO companies and just talk to them. I learned a ton about the process just by calling and asking questions. They want to earn your business and will spend time on the phone with you.
Google PPC is a quick way to get leads as well, but you need to have a site that will convert well. Hope this helps!

^Jason-I don't think even Indians and Pakistani won't work for $99/month. You really underestimate it. I have clients who pay $500/month and that is considered a cheap SEO.

Back on topic, the easiest way to build a website is to use WordPress and buy nice, commercial template for $25-$50.
You can hire somebody on freelance or elance to build it for ~$200-~300 (that is the price I charge for simple WP sites).

It is very important that you have professionaly looking website, especially in highly competitive niche as real-estate. If you can't afford that, then better don't build anything. Use some platform like wordpress.com for basic information, or LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for business.


I have been making my own sites for about 5 years now.. (Not a programmer.. not even close).. Here is a super simple version of what I do:

1.) Get a hosting account from bluehost.com should be about 100/per year.
2.) Buy your domain name.. register with bluehost, should be about 10 bucks per year.
3.) On bluehost you can use "simple scripts". In simple scripts you can install lots of different free software. My favorite is Joomla. I have tried lots of different options and joomla is the best. Lots of people prefer wordpress. Either way its pretty easy to install.
4.) Rockettheme.com has amazing templates. Simply download and install on Joomla or wordpress back end.

Originally posted by Mike Jakobczak:
I seen an ad on www.Fiverr.com for this.

That website is amazing to browse through and see what you can get for $5 bucks!

Be careful with fiverr.com. It is a good resource if you can find the right gigs and you know what you are doing. A lot of the backlinks on there are coming from low quality site, sites that have nothing to do with your topic, and could be in a completely different language. With all the algorithm updates from Google it may be best just to hire someone if you are not familiar with seo.

I would go to eLance.com, post a broad listing of what you "think" you want, and when the replies start pouring in, you can ask more questions at that point in time and essentially get yourself a free consultation from experts.

Of course, "experts" is pretty subjective, but the good thing with eLance.com is that the people all have customer feedback, so if you are talking with someone who has great feedback, your confidence level in their advice can obviously go way up (and vice versa).

I want to get a seller website that is SEO for my area. I'm terrible at this. I don't understand websites, keywords (well I get keywords, but don't know which ones to use), or web hosting. I can do a simple template website, but again it comes down to SEO.

I'd also like to start a wholesaler blog with wordpress or something, but don't know how to use wordpress or uploading stuff to the host site with web disks and FTPs confuse the heck out of me.

Does anyone have any resources or tips for this?


I was in the same position about 2 months ago with my website. Didn't know anything about websites or how to write them or create them.

What I did is went on Fiverr.com and found someone to build my site in Wordpress for less than $20. I got it built for $5 then had it tweaked every now and then for additional "gigs." You can search anything on there and someone will do it for $5 (or increments of $5, depending on how big the job is.

In my opinion, this is the cheapest and easiest way to build a website or outsource small tasks.

I would not recommend using Elance to find a website designer. While there are some good people looking for work on the site, if you lowball you will likely get an overseas response, or quotes from people desperate for work that probably won't give you the quaility you are looking for. I used elance to find work as a freelance writer when I was starting out, and always got the response "sorry, we want to hire you but we found a lot of people to do it cheaper). This option might leave you with communication barriers and difficulties and little recourse if things don't turn out well. Why waste the time on something mediocre -- its still money and time.

Someone else recommended using a Wordpress template, which is the way to go. The ones I use are from Studiopress.com which are already SEO optimized. Purchasing a theme rather than going with a free one gives you a lot of pro customization options without having to know code.

Studiopress has an add-on package called Premise that helps you do SEO yourself if you want to give that a whirl before outsourcing. Most writers that specialize in SEO are not well paid, so again, where do you want to put your money? This is a generalization, and just my opinion.

[Disclaimer: I'm not trying to devalue or offend anyone that specializes in this type of work]

These are my recommendations, similar to others but what I've found works best for me:

Domain: Namecheap for under $10/year
Hosting: Hostgator.com (Hatchling plan) under $5/month. As good as Dreamhost, but cheaper. Great support.
or GreenGeeks.com (offsets with wind energy credits)

Studiopress.com premium themes. About $80 per theme & framework.

Premise add-on (if desired) price varies.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I can pass along a few freebie tutorials if you want to tackle it yourself. Its so much easier than it used to be, I would only use a web designer for tweaks and customizations beyond what your chosen theme can provide for you, and most of them have everything you need.

Hey Michael, just a quick introduction about myself. I've made 15k on my first deal and 100k on my second deal. And I slowed down my real estate investing to go full out with my web design & seo company...

So to answer your question about getting ranked and generating leads to your website... It actually takes a lot of work and time to get RANKED.

Most gurus told all the investors that it's so easy but it's like a sales man. Just becaue you get dressed up and feel great, you dont get sales. You have to cold call, knock on doors, get referrals, or do some type of marketing.

Same with your website, it's not going to get you leads just because it's there.

There are options like SEO, PPC, FB, direct mail, and various of different options to go with when building traffic.

So get to work and start marketing!!! ^__^

By the way, don't waste your time trying to learn html or how to set things up unless you're really into it. I myself run a web design & seo company and I dont know how to design and develop websites. I'd rather focus on what I'm good at which is marketing and hire the best to follow through with the design. It'll take me YEARS to learn all the things my guys know. Why not just hire a professional and focus what you should which is MARKETING and REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

Hope that helps! =)

If you're going to use Wordpress, I highly recommend watching this video:


I built my website with Wordpress while watching this video. I had never built a website before and am not very good with computers, but this video makes it easy for anyone to do. I'm also very happy with Wordpress. (Especially the cost - free).

You can do a crazy simply blog on Google's Blogger. then there is Wix for a website. If you search Google, you can find free hosting and such as well. But for business, its not that expensive to pay for it.

Michael, it is imperative that both your sites portray professionalism on your part. Here are a few tips to help.
WordPress is one of the best platforms you can setup on for Real Estate. It offers great SEO, easy learning curve and can be as advanced as you need it to be.
1) Have IDX integrated into your BUYER site. One that you can generate 100's of target pages that get indexed in all SE. Buyers will find you through many landing pages and giving them complete search tools and listings is crucial.
2) Build into your WordPress the ability to create Landing Pages for PPC ads for both sites. Have an easy setup for Video pages, Single Sales Pages, etc. Properly created landing pages can gain a higher quality score with Google. etc. - You will gain higher ranking and spend less.
3) Design using a mobile responsive setup. This is self explanatory. However, for the BUYER site, make sure the IDX is actually mobile. Many claim this and very few produce.
If integrated properly, the IDX will keep fresh content on your target pages while giving you the lead generation pages you need.
4) You can find a host inexpensively such as Bluehost. We have over 500 accounts there and been using for years. Excellent service and as stated above a one-click install for WordPress.
5) Facebook should be on your main marketing "Sellers" tool set. This is where people share and pass-along.

Folks - Promotional posts will be removed without warning. Please refrain from using this thread to market your business.

Hi @Michael Lerch

I use the following:

JustHost.com for domains and hosting - cheaper than most.

Wordpress always for a CRM

I am using http://SocratesTheme.com for a constant theme these days. I just love it!

It is SEO newbie friendly (a newbie can figure it out easily) and has many squeeze page templates.

Best of luck!


Hello all, To start a website using worpdress or any other way is easy for sure.. but if you need a Good ROI, the wordpress blog must to be professional! as we talk about Real-Estate business... sure there is a lot of free wordpress themes providers out there such www.template4all.com/wordpress/ and newswpthemes.com But still the SEO is a hard to achieve if your Wordpress Blog is not Well configured and there is a lot of miss on its source code...