Broward County NEWBIE Meetup!?

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Hello everyone! Does anyone know if there has been a meetup for us newbies in the area? If so is it posted in the events section? Look forward to networking!

Looks like this thread is gaining life again I'm in for a meetup, its exactly what I'm looking for as long as its not on Saturday, I'l bring the croquetas.

YAY, I'm not the only newbie looking to connect with other like-minded people. I'm sure most of us newbies most likely have similar questions and concerns about getting started in REI. I'm located in Deerfield and currently own my house (no investments yet) Let's get a meetup going!!!

Hi! I am interested in meeting up! I work in the industry of real estate and purchased my first "future investment" home about a year ago.

What's the location? Moved to Florida a few months ago!

Hey guys.  I'm in Plantation and I'd be interested in a meet up.  Just got back from Memphis, TN where I purchased my first buy and hold investment.  We should try and get an informal meet up together in the next couple weeks.

Hi Guys,  @Ben Bartels @Jennifer Brown

Are these meet ups still going strong.  If so, please - give me some info. on how to participate. 

Hey guys I am also a newbie and would like to go to a meeting. I live in Miami, looking forward to connect with you guys. 

@Brandon Rivera

Brandon did you go to Memphis Investment Properties summit or one of the other PM events?  I closed on a property in Memphis in April and had considered attending the investor summit.  

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@Jeff Goodale I attended a two day seminar that included the Memphis in May bbq. I wanted to go to the bbq and network but was limited on time so I drive the neighborhood instead.  

The event was hosted by James Wachob not Memphis Investment Properties.  He did a fantastic job and it's definitely worth the trip.  Met many great people, some who had purchased properties from him in the past. So far nothing but positive vibes from James Wachob.

I was actually interested in purchasing a property MIP had advertised but they really didn't respond to my call. I left a voicemail that I was interested in more information and all i received was a text with the proforma and a few hours later a text saying "the property sold. "

The next day i receive a sales call from them stating they saw i logged in to their properties page.  I mentioned I had wanted to purchase a property but was told it was sold even though it still appeared on their website.  He advised he would look into it and get back to me with the status of the property in a couple hours.  Never received a call. 

Not bashing them because they have many positive reviews on BP but as am OOS investor,  it didn't give me any confidence. 

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing good.

If anyone is free tomorrow.. there is a meet up and I am planning to attend it. Hope to see and start networking with the others there specially newbies like me.

Hello Everyone,

I live in the Daytona Beach Area.  I own my own home, but I am new to real estate investing myself.

I would love to attend a meet up here in the near future.   Please let me know if there are any in the area.

I would highly suggest the women attend Rita's investHer Meetup.

Also, there is a Coffee With Investor's Meetup the second Saturday of every month in Delray Beach at Gizzi's Coffee, from 1-4pm

I would highly recommend John’s meetup at Gizzi Coffee.... I attend every month, inspirational & informative.

@Brandon Rivera  

I had meet James before he seemed like a good guy. I don't know him well just a quick hello at a meet and greet. He used to be with MIP. I did see that he was hosting an event last week as well. With the BBQ contest in town it was a great time to have folks in.

Congrats on the firsts property.  Getting the first one down it so important.  Doesn’t have to be a home run just getting over the hump of taking action helps you get comfortable with the process.  

@Jeff Goodale

Thank you.  Definitely not looking for a home run.  Picked what I felt was a safe option to dip my toes in.  Hoping to pick up second property by August.

If you don't mind me asking,  did you ever purchase in TN?

Check out our women’s meetup listed on events page.

@Brandon Rivera

Yes, I am purchasing in the Memphis area.

Best of luck to South Florida real estate investors.

Best way to find meetups is to check events on the website.  Click on menu then network then events. There are quite a few in South FL this month.  If you setup a meet remember to post it there so we get the option for all to find easily.

I haven’t found where this is on the APP.  I like the APP but for somethings I find  using the site over the APP is just better.  I tend to just leave a tab open on my phone.

Would be  interested in a South Florida Meet Up that is a great idea

I'm interested! Hope someone puts something together! Please let me know too.

Hi Mitchell I am newbie in REÍ and count on me. Looking forward to any future event.

If anyone is interested in having a meetup on 07/06, respond here. Also open to other dates. Seems like we have several people that want to get together. Can start with a meet and greet and see if it expands from there.

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