Broward County NEWBIE Meetup!?

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@Carmen Negron We would love to have you join us on Wednesday July 31 630-830 pm @ Panera Bread on federal Highway ft Lauderdale all details are on events page but let me know if you need anything. We are about 30-40 female real estate investors newbie to experienced who meet monthly to discuss all aspects of real estate. Check out podcasts on

@Jon Huber Have room for more? Would be interested on the details behind this. I reside in W Hollywood, but can certainly make that drive. Sadly, PB Gardens is a bit far of a drive with a gas guzzling truck. 

I'll provide my email if thats what you need!

I would simply like to inform you of a group that you might not know about. We have meetings every week, along with trainings, house tours etc., and we consist of everything from total newbies to seasoned investors who have done hundreds of deals. This is a very unique approach to real estate, one that essentially has three approaches...we offer over 400 hours of top-notch education taught by people who actually make their living doing what they teach, a marketing arm for those of you who enjoy that, and the formation of local communities of investors that acts as a support system for encouragement and teamwork. This seems to be exactly what many of you are looking for.

There is nothing else like what we do out there that I am aware of, and I've been in real estate for over 45 years. It will be worth your while to at least check us out. That costs nothing and could make a real difference for you. It does require registration, so please contact me privately for further information. Thanks, and good luck with finding something that suits you. How the new Information Age economy offers you opportunity that has only happened once before in this country. 

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