BRRR strategy in Minneapolis?

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I am closing on a property at the end of this month and already looking into my next investment. There is a foreclosure I am interested in, listed at $200,000 in Minneapolis however the unpaid loan balance is much lower. Because my first investment is a house hack and I have an FHA loan my next investment I will need to be more creative with financing. I would like to make an offer for just over the loan balance since I will have limited funds for a down payment after closing this month. My questions are...

1) Are there lenders willing to borrow $80,000-130,000for a house that will likely need rehab. What type of down payment will I need... hoping for less then $10,000.

2) The rehab process is new to me but I am willing to put in the work for a good investment. I need resources in Minneapolis. Any recommendations?

I haven’t looked into resources at this point. My family/ friend are not good options. Saving may be my only option at this point. 

Is 20% down on at private/ hard money lender what I should expect in your opinion? 


@Shanna Barnes undefined you can put as little as 15% with conventional investment loans, or you could buy it with a conventional loan and move into it. If it's a SFH at $200,000 it's going to be hard to BRRRR and cashflow after in Minneapolis. I've seen them go wrong before and really just be a breakeven affair.

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