Phoenix Area - Remodel stores?

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Does anyone have some good stores/resources to pick up inexpensive appliances/ cabinets/tile etc in the phoenix area?

Thanks in advance

Building Material Outlet in Phoenox. The prices beat anything I have seen yet. There is a 12% commission added to the price because they are selling on consignment but it is still a better deal then anything else I have found.

We recently had to replace some kitchen cabinets in one of our AZ rentals, and were considering a contractor who was going to buy cabinets from Discount Cabinets in Mesa:

We ended up going with a different contractor (lower total price for the remodel), so I don't know how things would have worked out with Discount Cabinets, but they appear to have quality cabinets (plywood boxes, etc.) for a good price. You will need a little lead time for them to build the cabinets before they are ready for installation.

For tile, we just go to Lowes or HD.

These days I get my new sets and used appliances from B&B Appliances in Phoenix. For one off new appliances, Home Depot and Lowes have great pricing with sales and free devliery.

Hi @Mark Spivey

We use:

Pucketts Flooring - Tile, Carpet

Granite Concepts - Granite and Cabinets (he's not on the web so message me if you want his contact info).

Fergusons - Appliances

Thank you, I'll stop by their warehouse. I notice, they don't sell appliances. Any suggestions there?

I'll still welcome any additional suggestions & from anyone else that knows remodeling from the phx area.

I'm mostly focused on kitchen/bathroom redos.

EDIT: Wow, lot of responses before I submitted this... thanks everyone :D

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