Any Grand Ledge, Michigan, investors?

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I'm looking to connect with investors in the Grand Ledge, Michigan area. I am getting to know people in the Lansing area thanks to local meetups, but I'm also wanting to learn from some of the outer surrounding areas. It seems that there are always people looking to rent in the Grand Ledge area, and as I'm interested in buy and hold properties, I would like to connect with others in this area if possible.

Hi @Emily B.  ,

I work mainly in the Metro Detroit market, we have found that the rental market is alive and well. The majority of our properties are leased up within the first two weeks. If they aren't, it's almost always a price issue. 

My understanding is that due to the market going up, it has become harder to find properties that are producing a favorable ROI. I think the challenge is more in finding good rental properties, compared to finding good tenants.

Like I said though, can't say I am super familiar with the Grand Ledge market. Hope this helps.


Hi @Emily B.

I might be a little closer, in the GR and Kalamazoo areas, but unfortunately I don't work in Grand Ledge much.  If anything, I would say ask the same question about Lansing, and see who works to Grand Ledge.  You might get more responses to your question that way...

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