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This question is for all Atlanta-based BP members...  Is there a BP Group currently formed with meetings and such?  I think this would be a huge benefit for those looking to connect, and I have heard lots of really positive news from BP groups formed in other cities.

I am fairly new to BP and am not yet a seasoned investor, so some additional leadership would be needed, but I am happy to put some sweat equity into getting something like this off the ground if there is interest!

I run a meeting periodically. NO SALES just information. It tends to be pretty sophisticated investors and we pick a topic beforehand and then let conversation led the group.

There is also another group that met once I do not know if it is going to meet again. 

A guy named akeez set it up the first time but I don't know if it as met again. But he is on BP I tried to cc him on this but I couldn't tag him. 


@Brandon Schick  Welcome to BP.

There was a BP meetup.  Quite large.  I'm not sure a new date is being set up, but there's been some discussion on a next one.

@Azeez K.  You doing another meetup? 

@Rick Baggenstoss   and  @Andrew Cordle  Thanks for the tag guys. Hope things are progressing well on your end.

@Brandon Schick  

 Welcome to BP! and sorry for the delayed response. There is quiet a large community of BP members here in Atlanta. We had close to 40+ individuals attend the the networking lunch back in November. Here is the original post

I have been trying to plan a next meet up as a lot of BP Atlanta members have expressed their interest in the same. However, one of the challenges we faced last time finding a place large enough to accommodate about 40+ people during lunch time and keep it personal enough so that everyone had a chance to meet and interact with each other. In addition, there was no clear agenda simply a meet and greet. Some of the feedback I received was that we should have showcase or have people tell some of their active projects and have people ask questions. Overall consensus was that we need to have these meetups on a more regular basis.

So this is where stand

Finding a place for the meet-up that offers a place large enough for us as a group to interact and gives BP members an opportunity to ask questions, learn, needs and wants (NO SALES PITCH)

Plan a standing meetup 3rd or 4th Thursday of every month (Thursday lunch in Dunwoody or Midtown) would work for most people.

If you guys have any suggestions or thoughts please feel free to share so we can all benefit, learn and grow. If not I will schedule a meet up for the last Thursday of this month.

Look forward to hearing from the BP Atlanta community.

Thanks @Azeez K.  

 I'll keep an eye out, looking forward to it!

Is there a restaurant or hotel that would host a lunch? That way there's enough space for everyone. I drove by the first event and kept on driving because of so many people in such a tight space. What about 5 Seasons Brewery on Roswell Road. They don't usually have a huge lunch crowd. There's a weekly Haves and Wants meeting there every Thursday starting at 1 I believe - hosted by the Atlanta REIA. Usually 30 or 40 people there. That might be a nice spot @Azeez K

How would I join the Atlanta REIA

@Terry Burger @Brandon Schick @Azeez K. @Rick Baggenstoss

I have a really good relationship with a President from HD I wonder if they would let us hold a monthly or bi-monthly meeting at corporate headquarters. They have a beautiful large meeting room with stadium seating ( like in a theatre ). And each seat has a microphone and an on off switch where everyone could talk and everyone could hear them. 

Maybe I could even see if they would bring in food to us.... 

I am sure some presidents and VPs and DM and RM could maybe speak each month and let us share some of our thoughts and info.... 

I don't I could talk to them tomorrow and see if they would allow it. If I could set that up would that work for people?

I don't know who else to @ so let me know as I would like to know for sure people would be ok with it,before I started talking to them. Of course it would have to be in the day time. 


Hello all,

Yes please keep us posted when an event gets planned. I went to a meeting in one of the conference rooms where the Hawks play, but I think it would fit about 30 max. And I have to ask: is everyone only able to do a weekday lunch event? I still have a regular job so a weekend day would work great for me personally.



Weekday lunches stink for me, and way out in the 'burbs isn't so great either -- I also have a regular job that doesn't happen if I'm not there, and I live intown.  Evenings or weekends are much better for me.

That's a brilliant suggestion @Andrew Cordle  . If you can pull the place I can @tag all interested ATL people (there is a long list) and most of them have expressed interest in meeting up. I am here to help so let me know what you want on my end to get the ball rolling. Per  @Terry Burger  suggestion I will look up other back up spots as well. Based on my previous experience most places charge a minimum check fee and don't like to do separate checks for groups this size. 

Tagging a few Atlanta people on the post 

@Gordon T.  @Brenda Griffin  @Todd Whiddon  @Kalimah Jenkins  @Rick Baggenstoss  @Kiran K umar an K @Eduardo A.  @James Park @Rachelle S.  

there are lots more but the @tag does not work as expected. Anyways hopefully Atlanta people can chime in.

Thanks Again Andrew 

We can maybe have some local companies sponsor the events?  If we can find a time and a place that's reasonable.  I'd entertain having Networth Realty sponsor.

I'm in! Most Thursday afternoons work for me. Wouldn't mind assisting if needed. 

I'm just a bit far, I wish I could attend, so I encourage all who have an opportunity to attend, participate, contribute to the conversation and make this group a success.

Hi, I am new to this site and live in Atlanta.  I would be interested in joining the meeting.  I could maybe swing Thurs lunch, but Thurs after work is best.  Looking forward to it!

Hey @David Bateman  if you come all the way from Austin then I am buying your lunch!

Count me in again!

Hey, @Azeez K.  

I would definitely be interested in attending if you get something together.  

Keep me updated. I travel a lot but if I'm in town I would miss an event at HD headquarters.. I'll be sure to have my pro desk print out a like historical purchase amount so that I can get some extra perks from the President considering how much money I spend in Home Depot.

Great idea @Andrew Cordle  

I am definitelydown for Thursday's. Manuels tavern has its in area for this kind of thing and they don't charge as long as people buy stuff. They can take up to 150 people, has its own bar, and has their own bathrooms. There's also a big tv and a sound system. 

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