Kent Clothier software and courses.

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I have been a professional programmer - - and I can make the reports appear as I please.

The problem with  software is its inflexible - - it's built to solve ONE problem and sometimes not all that well.

Finding Properties?? That's a research problem and there's lots of ways to crack   that nut.  Software would only be restrictive to your progress and give you the false impression "there's nothing else available" - - hogwash!

Buyers?? That's a marketing issue and there's many solutions.

you can buy leads from list source, setting up the parameters and areas that you choose. As for buyers, go to and find an investors meeting in your area. You will find a lot of hungry buyers looking for a deal. 

Ps do you have a website?

Hi Folks, 

Thanks for the feed back...Jbeard I like to  use technology for if you know of some solutions let post them so that i can research them...finding properties that are deeply discounted is the biggest challenge. Carol I do not have a website working on it.

@Victor Gesmundo - Thank you for your interest in our products.  Below is a link that will give you our customer reviews on our products.  Also, please feel free to contact our customer service reps for any questions.

Yeah there are gurus out there, that don't know their *** from a hole in the wall. These systems however are a one time buy and I get to use it for life. I don't waste money on any list services, my buyers list has grown exponentially without any real networking, some time on a phone call, then for some of them yeah we meet up and discuss business in person. So just today I got a call from a guy letting me know he didn't want to sell the house I mailed about as he was going to live there, but had me come down to look at the house he was moving out from, then while on appointment I have another house to go look at. The owner is out of state so we are just trying to figure out how I can see the inside. So does it work, yeah it works, and like I said anywhere anytime I can pull a list, some of the list services out there charge for one list what the full membership cost me, so I don't give a rat's *** what Kent is making on this, as I am going to make my money back multiple times over. I got the whole smart suite, I can look for cash buyers vacant homes, and people that lended their money. You can mail right from it, or export a csv list to upload to your own mail house. Or hell go ahead print and stuff your own envelopes. It is systems to scale not guru type ********.

we use this system to mail for all our vacant houses in Multiple markets and close deals every month with it, we all use the cash buyers side to market our turnkey and wholesale deals to currently active buyers that we can update anytime we want. My whole sales staff has to go through the SMART academy classes before they can get on the phone with sellers or buyers, been a real game changer for us as we continue to grow and expand as a result of the great systems and training!

Great tool.. great help, but YOU have to work!! Kent will tell you that himself. If you get returns then skiptrace them. We are focusing on our retail business, and still use it. We farm all the time and it works!! Tks Kent!! Tks Rita!!

Hi, guys! I am looking at purchasing the “smart” system by @Kent Clothier . I already have a handful of cash buyers pining for deals and I have been mailing my own “tax delinquent” and D4D lists. Putting together a list via the county records and mailing even 100 letters takes me an entire day of work! I would like to scale what I am doing and I am not very tech-savy so I am thinking something like this may help me a lot. Does anyone know if the software is relatively user-friendly? Are there any recurring or hidden costs? How much does the platform charge to mail to the lists it pulls for you? Any experience using this software would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance! 

I just finished listening to Clothier's webinar.  He says that you hook up with a mailing house, attach that mailing house to the software and send the mailing house an email when you want them to execute on your list.  

Of course there are recurring and hidden costs.  One cannot expect to market without incurring costs such as stationery, postage, printing, mailing house fees, etc.

I had bought the old version REWW smart system a few years ago when everything was separate. Then I paid $2000 for the all in one smart system. I own free and clear with 10,000 exports a month free. Now I received an email stated that everybody is now Bing converted over to REWW smart system 2.0.. My program in now converted to Basic – Legacy. I now received an email from support that I am a long time loyal customer of Kent who purchased that program a few years back and now I have to pay a $199.00 annual fee for something I have a few year ago now they want to charge me, not good customer relations.. To make matter worst if they downgrade to free account I would have to pay for all exports leads that I was getting 10,000 free. I am very displeased how a long term customer is treated also the REWW support team email me that the Basic- Legacy is now being discontinued. Wow what next. So to now all the customer who was grandfathered in to the new upgraded accounts are being discontinue to make everybody to pay one way or another. Not happy about the new REWW 2.0 the way things are going.