Nashville Investor Meetup

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Caleb and I thought it would be a great idea for a handful of bigger pockets members/investors in the Nashville area to get together sometime in the near future.  Perhaps we could make it a regular thing.  I would love to get something like this together, because I know how important it is to have people to keep you accountable, as well as to share ideas with.  Interested anyone?

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Updated almost 5 years ago

Just fyi, we cannot officially label this as a BiggerPockets or BP meet up since it is not hosted by BP (my bad on the title). Maybe we'll just call it a Nashville REI Meet Up for now.

Hey Matthew, I am new to the area and have just expanded our property management firm from Birmingham.  I would be thrilled to catch up with you guys if the invitation is open.  I am not looking to attend out of trying to peddle my management services.  I simply want to get into the community and begin making relationships so that I can increase my knowledge and understanding of the local market.



Glad to see the interest.  I am thinking J & J's Market and Cafe could be a great meet up spot, but I am down for wherever is convenient for everyone.  Can everyone who's interested please send a message to my inbox of your availability (or unavailability if that's easier) so we can try to nail down the best time for everyone?

I think a reoccurring meeting would be great.  I'll be out of the country on business for a couple weeks, so I may miss the first one if it's in the near future. 

Add me to your interested list!  I met some really great people at the last Music & Money meetup where Brandon Turner was a guest speaker.  Let me know when and where!

You all should consider coming to this meetup group, it's a wholesaler group, but still good to connect at a place other than REIN groups. It's at 5662 Nolensville Rd. Nashville once month on Wednesdays. 4-13-2016 is the next one but just join the group on meetup . com under "wholesaling houses mastermind meetup Nashville" my friend Justin Tarr sets it up.