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I am looking for some help to get started in Utah. Which books, podcasts, courses, mentorship programs, or anything?

I want to start a career in Real Estate i just have no idea where to start. My wife and I rent a home and i don't make a whole lot as a college student. 

Any tips would be 100% appreciated!


There are some DPA programs in Utah which can help you for down payment.  Explore their website 

You're in the right place! Listen to every podcast and  webinar you can. Josh Dorkin has put together a great community here with every resource you can think of. The free content is priceless and the education materials for sale are even better!

Many investors start out "house-hacking" and move on from there. That's how I got started 18 years ago. Have fun!!!

@Dylan Bushaw You should listen to a lot of podcasts. That is one of the easiest ways to start to understand a lot of the concepts. 

Like mentioned above there are some awesome loan programs here. You still need to make some sort of money to make a monthly payment but starting out with a house hack is the easiest way to go. That is what I did first and it helps you learn a lot but still be not completely leveraged. You also act as a onsite property manager since you live there and that helps you learn a lot too. 

@Dylan Bushaw Wahoo! Utah is a great place to House Hack. There are some solid starter places around Ogden & Kaysville where you can live in the basement and rent out the upper floors or vice versa. I would start saving a little buffer for repairs and a deposit and your on your way! 

@Eric Gardiner how do I find out about those loans you’re speaking of? Any prequalifications I’ve gone through they have always just done conventional 

House hack is great if you don't plan to move after you graduate for a job. Renting is not a bad thing until you find a steady income. 

FHA with 3.5% down is pretty good if you find a house hack property.

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