Columbus Real Estate Attorney

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I am looking to purchase a Duplex in a few months. The seller wants to do seller financing, which I am fine with as long as we agree on some of the fine print. Can anyone recommend a good real estate attorney to me which is relatively cheap and is willing to work on smaller deals (i.e. sub-$500k). Ideally, i would want to attorney to have a good amount of experience with real estate and specifically with land contracts. Also, are attorneys able to be Title Agents as well in Ohio? If so, it would be really helpful to have an attorney who can satisfy that as well, although if not, I'm sure any decent RE attorney could connect me with good title people.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

I’m sorry that I don’t have a specific recommendation for this type of contract but I believe that all title companies will have access to an attorney who by definition works in real estate. My suggestion would be to just call a few title companies to ask if they also have experience preparing seller financing contracts. 

I recommend speaking with Sikora Law and Omni Title. They are an experienced real estate law firm and title company.


I would reccomend Walker Novack Legal Group in Westerville. We work directly with Tom Novack and Colin Beach. They are very familiar with Real Estate and Tom had his own Title Company. They will not be able to act as a Title Agent but I work at World Class Title and we could assist you with that. We are an Investor friendly Title Company who has exerpeice handling Investor deals.