Absentee owner in my neighborhood, need direct marking ideas!

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Hello BP Community! 

I've been looking for my first "homerun" deal for a few weeks and I think I may have found it, if I can get it for the right price.

It's an absentee owner that used to rent the property but it has been vacant for well over a month now. This is a perfect opportunity for me to start my direct marketing campaign but I want to make sure my postcard/mailer is specifically enticing to the owner. If anyone can advise me on my marketing pitch I'd be forever in your debt until I could repay the favor.

Thank you in advance!

Drew Easton

@Mike Dorneman Thanks Mike, makes sense! I've been devouring so much info lately I think I have over saturated my brain and I'm thinking to hard. Keep it simple! Great advice!

Thank you!

Hello Andrew, 

Since this is an extremely targeted direct mail, I would try to get more specific. Tell him what your plans are for the house, why you want to buy it, (don't say to make money) talk about stabilizing the neighborhood. Try to get some background information on this person. Why do they own the property, and use that to let him know that you can solve his "problem". 

Good luck.

Since the property is located so close to you, and you already know that it is vacant along with recent history, I would try to locate the home owner's phone number and call him or her directly. Look them up on Whitepages.com or through any skip tracing service of your choosing. Look them up on Facebook or LinkedIn and send them messages there. You have a competitive advantage over your competition by knowing all of this. Don't give that up and take a backseat with anyone else who may be mailing them because their address showed up on a list. 

The house is vacant, which is indicative of a "problem" that the owner needs to fix now. Mail a letter, sure, but the urgency of initiating multiple points of contact before your competition beats you to it is critical here.

If you are going after a specific property, just call them. Don't waste your time with mail. 

Thanks for all the help! I was able to track down a land line but it has been disconnected. I signed up for Whitepages Premium which gave me 2 mobile numbers. I got no answer with the first number so I left a message. I am concerned with being too aggressive and have not tried the second mobile number. I'm sure there is a fine line between being persistent and being harassing, how do I determine that?

I have also found out that they have already received one foreclosure notice so the owner is definitely going through a tough time. I don't want to sound like a scavenger looking to profit from their misfortune or take advantage of them. I want to make sure this deal is mutually beneficial and I want to sound like a professional (although I'm a newbie) so I will continue to search the BP forums for tips and advice. But I would gladly welcome any other feedback that might be more personalized to my particular situation.