Anyone Wholesaling in Volusia County Florida?

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Hey Guys and Girls, anyone wholesaling in Volusia County Florida? I live in Deltona and work in New Smyrna Beach. My wife and I are just getting started and i would love to chat with sone locals who are either doing wholesaling now, or started off wholesaling.

If anyone in the area is intereated in a meet up, that would be awesome too.

Hey Michael,

I just moved to Ormond beach from Orlando and I'm wholesaling in Volusia County. I'm still learning the area and would like to link up and see how we can help each other.

@Ronnie Monroe , thank you for your response. I would love to connect. We are just getting started. Been listening to bigger pockets pod casts daily for over a month now to and from work. We are at that point where we just want to start taking action.

We have experiance in online marketing and web design, so we figured we could use that to our advantage. We still need to figure out what title company to work with and get our hands on some contracts for purchasing and assigning deals.

How long have you lived in ormand?

@Daniel Soyars , thanks for your reply. We choose whole saling as a means to build income so that we can invest in buy and hold (BRRRR), and fix and flips.

We figure mastering wholesaling would be the best way to get started. How long have you and your wife been wholesaling?

I'm wholesaling in Deltona and also holding rentals there as well.

I left my job in April and making a go of REI full time.

Would love to meet up, let's figure out how best to do that?

@Dave D. , that sounds great. I would love to meet up and see how we might be able to help eachother.

We own our home in Deltona, but just getting started in investing. My father use to have a ton of rentals / Brrrr properties. So I have some experiance there when i was younger, but there is so much to learn.

There used to be a group who met in Orange City, but I am not sure they meet anymore. I have space in South DeLand that could be utilized as a meeting place if you would like to put together a networking group.

@Michael Hawrylak   I'm just starting out as well flipping and wholesaling.  Learning a ton from Bigger Pockets.  I live in Deltona.  Just finishing up on my second Orange City flip.  I would love to connect.

@Allen Thompson   @Daniel Soyars   @Ronnie Monroe  @Dave D.  I would love to connect with other RE investors in the West Volusia area!

I’m about to close on my 3rd Daytona Beach 4-plex and have received letters and text messages referring to buying my Daytona Beach 4-plexes. I’m assuming they are wholesalers so there are a few people in your area doing it.


@Allen Thompson that would be awesome, I would love to get a group together and see what comes of it.  I have had plenty of success in the past networking for other busienss ventures.  I live in deltona, not far from Orange City or South Deland.

@Charles A Munk thats awesome, how long have you been at it.   I am so ready to get started and land my first deal.

@Daniel Soyars , @Ronnie Monroe , @Dave D. I too would love to connect with everyone.  Maybe we should all plan a meet up and go from there?

@Eric Mayer , thank you for the info.  How long have you been involved in real estate investing?   My wife and I plan to start with wholesaling, but ultimately want to focus on flips and multifamily buy and hold properties. 

@Michael Hawrylak I started last summer by getting my Real Estate license. I did this so I have unlimited access to the MLS, its tools/information and anytime access to properties. I bought my two flips from the same wholesaler. First flip bought in Nov. 2018/Sold Feb 2019. 2nd flip bought April 2019/will sell this summer. I soon realized that to maximize profits, I would need to buy better (flip/hold my own deals and wholesale deals to others) and find more/cheaper money (I need to build a network with private investors/hard money is expensive). That's where I am at, all doing this while I am an assistant principal at a Volusia County high school. The best thing about this journey is that it has been really enjoyable both learning and getting my feet wet in real estate. I have so much to learn, good thing I love learning. If there is anyway I can help you, please let me know. We all are in this together!

@Michael Hawrylak I'm a flipper/rehabber in the Daytona area and would love to connect with you or any other wholesalers in the area. I have extensive construction experience and would be happy to help you with inspections when you get some properties under contract. I know a lot of new wholesalers have trouble putting together proper scopes of work at first. I'm also very interested in networking and partnering. Let me know when you're available and we can get together for a meal. My treat.

@Thomas Dyman ,  Thank you for the response.   That is awesome and I would love to connect.   My schedule is pretty hectic, work full time for a Flight School 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.  Kind of doing everything else in between.  My wife and I would most likely be able to meet up on a weekend a bit easier than week days.   I will PM you and we can figure that out.

@Charles A Munk , Thats awesome. Atleast it helped you get some deals moving. I figured for my wife and I, that is probably how we would need to get started in flips or BRRRR's.