Adding to your cash buyers list

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I wondering on how to find cash buyers in a different market that’s an hour or 2 away from where I live.

I live in Round Rock Tx and I'm getting into the temple tx market the drive from where I live is roughly an hour 30. Is there a more efficient way to find cash buyers in that area or do I just suck it up and drive out to REI meet ups?

@Mark Anthony Alvear Jr

The most efficient way would be to lookup property owners in Bell county and see who the investors are. Then reach out to them and start a conversation. 

Once you get a deal under contract, if it is a good deal, the buyers will find you. 

I would always suggest you attend REI meetings, everywhere. You never know who you will meet at those, and how they could be very helpful to your goals. It is never a bad idea to network.


1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Data Portal"

2. Expand the "Certified Data" tab and download the file in there. This file contains every property in Bell County and its owner(s). It is a pretty large file. 

3. Sort the file alphabetically by name, to identify those companies/names that have more than one property. These are investors. 

Good Luck