If You Had $40,000 to Invest Where Would You Put It?

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So I've got $40,000 that I want to invest but I'm undecided on where I should put it and what would give me the best return on my money. I'm open to all ideas and have been considering buying a SFH, a Duplex, a mobile home, mobile home park even a note. My question is what would you do with $40,000 right now?

I love when people ask the question "What to do with X dollars?" because I already have a prepared answer. People have asked this before but there's so much to learn from all the answers in all these threads.

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I personally like the return I can get from seller financing mobile homes. I believe that there are number of parks in the Oceanside area and you can put $40,000 to work doing "Lonnie deals" pretty simply in your spare time. These are usually very high return but only have a term of 5 to 7 years.

Best - Tim King

Mobile homes, there is no better investment or greater ROI for your money.

Put it on Red.  

Seriously, there's one of these threads every day.  Start reading and you'll probably get some ideas.

If it was up to me I'd take half of it and go into some tax liens. As the time frame on the ROI for those things can vary this will allow you to take a step back and make a decision you would actually feel comfortable with. But still allowing you to keep 20k liquid in case the deal of a lifetime just happened to come your way. This way it gives you the ability for the money to work while you're deciding.

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