Thoughts on Exterior Paint Etc..

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Hello BP'ers, I'm looking for thoughts on what color to paint the existing reddish colored stucco??? The vinyl siding (yellow or cream) will be staying, the roof will be replaced with a new architectural shingle...Asking for color ideas for stucco and any other inexpensive exterior dress up ideas.. Thanks in advance! -Rick 

nice half raised cape cod. would go with light grey if keeping yellow on top and trim white.

just cuz like grey-yellow-white combo

I would say it depends on what color your new roof will be. Here's a pic of one of my rehabs that had a yellow (ish) body. Yellow could also pair well with a blue/grey too.

Thanks Neil! Appreciate the input!

Are you using an elastomeric paint? I would recommend this because its durable, expands and contracts, bridges over hair line cracks and isn't the hardest paint to work with!! I would definitely use a dark color this way it covers the dark brick easier! A brown would look good!

@Emmett Fonte

 Are you thinking a dark brown or light brown? Yes, I agree with the elastomeric paint! @Lisa Kohl  what color is that? It's tough to see from the pic..

I would go with a light brown. The brown will contrast nicely with the light siding. Neutral shingles applied as well like a black or even a brown!

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