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@Brandon Turner and @Joshua Dorkin - To start I want to say that I absolutely love the investment calculators. They're super simple and provide a great way to analyze deals on a level playing field, however in the last week that I've been a pro member and taken advantage of these (mostly the rental property calculator) I had some thoughts that I figured I'd throw out there.

1) When looking at deals that you have previously analyzed there should be the pertinent information displayed on the screen.

A) Name of Deal

B) Address of Deal

C) Date of Analysis

D) Purchase Price


F) Total Initial Equity

G)  Monthly Cash Flow

H) Monthly Cap Rate


J) Total Cash Needed

K) Cash on Cash ROI

L) Status of Property (see comment below)

In addition to this information being displayed on screen you should also be able to sort ascending or descending by any one of these values. There should also be an option either on this screen, or in the report itself to indicate the status of the property. For example...

A) No offer made

B) Offer made - rejected

C) Offer made - accepted - no close

D) Purchased

E) Wholesaled

F) Purchased by someone else

     1) Purchased price

G) etc...I'm sure there are more options you could put here that I'm not thinking of or don't know about

These tools would provide some amazing value to investors to keep track of their deals and offer acceptance rates, etc. It could also provide a vast wealth of information for BiggerPockets to compile this information at a macro level in order to assist in the research you guys do for articles and podcasts about different markets. It could also provide an entirely new set of tools around which markets are heating up, which cooling down, where is flipping taking over, vs buy and hold vs. wholesaling 

Not sure if these recommendations have been made elsewhere on the forum, or if you're already working on these types of enhancements to the tools, but I figured I'd share, since I'm already finding them to be extremely useful...but could see where the deals will become difficult to manage in my profile once I start analyzing 2,3,4,5 deals a day or whatever it is for an extended period of time.

Wow, a monthly cap rate!

I've used a Texas Instruments Business Analyst II since around the late 70's, had to buy a new one $40.00 about 5 years ago. Also used the HP 12C long ago, but prefer the BAII.

I have not used Excel but understand it's very good, my last cell row program was in the early 80's, my BAII was much faster and using my head.

I have never used any BP calculators, haven't even checked them. Not a clue!

But from the list of variables mentioned, looks like a review of basic finance is in order. 

The reason I never use custom calculators is that I don't know if they 1. used the proper formulas and 2. what assumptions they made and 3. the degree of rounding used (I go out for the full 8 digits). 

Have fun with data entry, I understand the old saying garbage in garbage out still applies, saying be careful as to what goes into your calculator. :)