Darren Sager has a great Lease!

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Those of us at the New York meetup last night networked, ate great meatballs, had a moment of sadness for @Brandon Turner 's fire and learned about Leases.  @Darren Sager made a 16 page lease (I think it is 16, right Darren?) amazingly interesting.  We didn't go through each and every page- we would still be there discussing- Darren picked out the good bits that I, as a newbie, would never have thought of. I'll let the vets speak for themselves, but I think they learned a thing or two also.  A great night, my first BP inspired Meetup- thank you again for organizing and presenting Darren!

Thanks very much for the kind words  @Bruce Faulk .  My lease is actually more than 20 pages now.  I think we only covered about 25%-30% of it last night!  I'm so glad that I was able to bring a lot of things to your attention that you never thought of.   And glad to hear that we could take a necessity item and turn it into something interesting!  

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Darren Sager , I have lease-envy, my lease is only 4 pages long 😂

Is there a chance of you sharing this lease?


My lease clocks in at 17 pages (plus a cover page and 2-page table of contents for 20 pages total), but there were still things in Darren's presentation that I'd like to incorporate into my own lease. Never stop improving!