Multifamily properties in Omaha, NE

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Hello! I'm a new aspiring investor, and as I do research on good markets in which to invest I've become interested in Omaha based on having family living in the area, and knowing that it is a college town, and hearing about some properties that sound like potentially good deals. Although I'm not very far into my research on this area I figure it's not too early to start trying to talk to agents and investors from Omaha to try to get a better feel for the REI climate there. Please reach out if you're interested!

Hey @Evan Miller Omaha is experiencing quite a bit of growth and multi family has been pretty hot out here. I have found that it is possible to find good cash flowing properties after you filter through all the over priced items. Usually good properties are under contract within a day with multiple offers. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions or want to connect.

I would maybe just clarify that Omaha is not a college town, and with the exception of possibly UNMC, most student housing (at Creighton and especially UNO) is recently constructed and provided by the universities. Those apartments are where students are predominantly choosing to live. Not to say you can't find college renters, but it certainly isn't the core market here anymore than it would be in Denver where you are.

If a "college town" market is what you're looking for, I would target Lincoln just 45 minutes west. It has a wide range of college rentals near the UNL campuses and in north Lincoln with a variety of styles and price ranges.

@Mike Classen

I live in Dundee and you would be surprised how many college kids live in this neighborhood and midtown. Students from UNO and Creighton.