RE agents & investors in the CA central Valley

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Looking to connect with RE Agents and Investors active in the CA Central valley. I'm an active investor in Kern county. I'm looking to expand my network, and get feedback on market trends.

I look forward to connecting.

You should look who sunjeev advani in Bakersfield . He is realtor , property manager and now they added to their team general contracting . I hope this helps . Happy to network .

Arthur - What size of buildings are you buying in Bakersfield?  Multifamily or single family?

Last month the average price per unit in the multifamily market finally surpassed the all time high set in 2007.  It took 14 years for the market to reach this level.  


@Amber Smith - I'm a buy and hold investor. I like SFH. Mainly just trying to connect with other investors on here and potentially connect with them offline to get a sense of macro/micro market trends. I'm aiming to buy 1-2 properties a year.

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@Arthur Garcia are you interested in SFHs in Merced? I'm working in Merced right now. I'd love to connect if you're interested.

 I am interested in pursuing Merced commercial MF in Merced in the not too distant future.  Maybe in the fall. 

What property class are you investing in in Merced?