How do your tenants pay rent??

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It’s 2021 so I know someone has the best way for tenants to pay rent. Ideally, I’d like mine to pay electronically! But what is the best way?

I want the money to drop into an account that is associated with my rental properties alone.

(I’ve tried cash app but this doesn’t work because cash app attaches to one phone number, and one account. And I use my cash app for other non real estate transactions. )


One of the most popular programs is You can also check out TenantCloud or a variety of other property management softwares that are extremely inexpensive and increasingly robust.

I use Venmo for my rents. Super easy, free,  and most people have it already. We hope it's never needed for our tenants, but they do have the option of paying with a credit card through Venmo too. 

Originally posted by @David Woz :

@Nathan G. @Michael Plante it appears cozy is merging with and is not taking any new accounts under  

Have either of you had any experience with the new version on and do you still recommend?

Until I read your post  I didn’t know they merged 

Still get my payments automatically each month and my cozy app still works. 

I’ll stay with them 

Consider charging a Processing Fee for mailed checks and other less desirable payment methods. Don't charge for the methods you prefer:)

@Shalom Benton ...I just signed my first lease April 1 and have used to list my property. Using I was able to create my lease and collect all money for security deposit and first months rent. Being a newbie it was very easy to understand and everything is right there. My tenant can fill out maintenance requests and pay monthly rent via ACH payments they can also use a credit card. All services are free for the landlord. When my add was listed all leads from where emailed to me and also stayed on my web portal. Also they provide credit and background checks for $24.00 payed for by tenant. I really liked the services provided and seemed to be a 1 stop shop for all I needed to list my property and then manage once it was occupied.