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Hi all investors.

I am a single mom in Toronto, currently house hacking my condo-home and renting rooms through Airbnb, I also have a crazy busy full time marketing job in the retail grocery industry. Currently martial arts occupy many of my hours when I am not with my 15 yr old daughter or at work and the rest of my time is allocated to learn about real estate and the rest of my family and friends.

I can't wait to do at least 3 wholesale deals before summer of 2017. I am also heavily invested in one of those companies that are supposed to mentor you but have yet to take a more structured approach to the time I am spending on the business. I am feeling a bit stuck as I am possibly struck with fear and need some friends in the industry to help me hold myself accountable because I know that once I get over this hump I will be rocking it!!. I am not afraid to fail and I am really good at getting up after falling. I am looking to invest more of my time to trade my humble helping hand in exchange for experience venues.

Is anyone out there also trying to start investing in the USA from another country (Canada perhaps toronto?)

Thanks! all the best

Hi @Karen Martinez

Welcome to the BP community! It's quite common for those starting out to experience fear in making that first step, but the only way to move forward is to face it and do something:) My usual recommendation is to not worry about all the stuff you don't know and all of the stuff that there is to learn. Just learn what you need for the 1st step and then take it. Then learn the second and take that. Keep going step by step until you have the 1st deal under wraps and it's just rinse and repeat moving forward. Once you find a deal you can also find someone at a local REIA meeting (look on meetup.com) and see if another investor is willing to split it with you in exchange for guidance in areas that you're unclear on.

@Karen Martinez

Nice to meet you here on B/P. This is one of the best networking/ learning platforms on line today. I have been here on B/P for a few years and have met some real great connections, it works like anything else the more time you put into the platform the more you will get back. I was born in Canada but spent most of my life in Las Vegas and started my real estate career with a mentor in 1984. The mentor was the key to my success but I paid dearly for my mentor. I am now here in Vancouver as I have quite a following in Canada to help Canadians with U.S. connections. You are a Martinez, Spanish lots of those where I am from. Read my bio I am an old dinosaur in real estate and like to pay it forward if I can. If you have a question you can always get back to me.

@Karen Martinez - Welcome fellow Canuck! I'd encourage you to start gaining as much Canadian specific real estate knowledge as possible. Things are very different here vs. the US. Lending, taxes, strategies, they all different in how you can execute on them in Canada.

How do you like to learn? Books? Podcasts? I can recommend lots to read. Personally, I like meeting other investors because I learn the most from conversation and execution. I listen and do. I attend a much of local RE meetsups and find those the most effective for me - but it sounds like your schedule might be tight!



Go ahead and invest in a mailing campaign, it is the best way to attract motivated sellers from my experience. Do at least 500 houses a month, you will get experience and track record at the same time. 

Best of luck to you :)

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