Best website for MultiFamily searches in Canada

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Dear folks,

Other than and sleeve or pocket listings (or your own realtor) which site (s) do you go to multi family searches in Canada? I’ve came across several but they seem to be connect to a particular agency or are somewhat biased listings.

Thanks in advance.


@Edison Reis

You can try looking on the sites of the various commercial brokerages: CBRE, Cushman-Wakefield, etc., however IMHO (and experience) the properties that make it to a listing are generally not a deal. Exception being when a residential real estate agent {accidentally} catches a small - medium multiunit and, not having a suitable network of buyers, does what they know and lists it on MLS.

You will be better served finding a driven and connected commercial broker in your areas of interest and get yourself on their call list.

Great point Roy,

I’ve noticed that already. Everything that is online are typically overpriced or lemons (Otherwise most experienced and connected investors would’ve taken already)