Any investors in Montréal, Quebec?

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Hello fellow Canadians,

Hope y’all keeping safe.

Wanted to introduce myself here on our beloved BP after hearing today’s BP RE podcast. Thanks to DG and BT.

Grew up in Vancouver and worked for Concord right before the Global Financial Crisis. My real estate career took off in Australia from 2012-2015, specialising in luxury new developments. Was also lucky enough to live in London, UK in 2016-2017.

Learning about BRRRR in 2020 blew my mind!

First time living in Montreal, because of the pandemic. Was living and investing in Texas.

Would love to meet fellow investors in Montreal!

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hello everyone! I am also from Montreal QC and I'm an aspiring real estate investor as well. Currently enrolled at Concordia University, I'm trying to take this time in my life to educate myself about real estate investing so I am prepared to make deals once I have enough borrowing power. If anyone is interested in zoom meetings or meeting up at a terrace to discuss future goals or current projects I would be very interested! 

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@Alice Huang

There are several noticeably better jurisdictions in which to invest in Canada. Both east And west of you. And when I say better I mean both ease of investing and profitable short and long term.

Thanks for writing Kris. Personally, I have zero interest in investing in Canada for various reasons, especially in Montreal. However, that does not deter me from wanting to learn more about the market here or meeting fellow investors and learn their investment journeys.